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Fellin (2014) fa notare come la comunita italiana immigrata negli Stati Uniti rappresenti un caso esemplare di assimilazione linguistica.
Vavassori V, Fiorino C, Rancati T, Magli A, Fellin G, Baccolini M, et al.
A native of France, Giraud will transition August 1 from his present role as Large Excavators product manager, and succeed 37-year Caterpillar veteran Paolo Fellin.
NYSE: CAT), a company that develops infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets, has announced that three vice presidents, Paolo Fellin, Greg Folley and George Taylor, have elected to retire.
In addition to these changes, the Global Construction & Infrastructure Division, led by Vice President Paolo Fellin, has added responsibilities.
Methodologically, this research is characterized as a quantitative study with a descriptive and analytical nature (Tripodi, Fellin, & Meyer, 1981) by collecting secondary data from the database of the CVM, BM&FBOVESPA, and Economatica.
DON ESL Contracts Specialist, Dennis Fellin, 717-605-5659, Dennis.
Naval Forces Marianas, Rear Admiral Tom Fellin, led the U.