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An iron alloy high in vanadium (35-55); used to add 0.1-2.5% vanadium during the manufacture of engineering steels and high-strength steels.



a ferroalloy consisting of 35–45 percent V, 1–3 percent Si, and 0.5–1.5 percent Al (Fe and impurities constituting the remainder). Ferrovanadium is produced in electric furnaces through the silicothermic method using the vanadium pentoxide (85–95 percent V2O5) obtained in the chemical and metallurgical treatment of iron-vanadium concentrates. It is used mainly for alloying steel. Related products include silicovanadium, which is produced in electric furnaces, and metallic vanadium and rich ferrovanadium (up to 80 percent V), which are obtained by nonfurnace aluminothermy.

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33 Chilean peso 556 593 Commodity Prices Average Market Prices for the Period 2004 2003 Gold - US$/oz 409 363 Platinum - US$/oz 847 692 Palladium - US$/oz 231 201 Rhodium - US$/oz 991 530 Copper - US cents/lb 130 81 Nickel - US cents/lb 628 437 Zinc - US cents/lb 48 38 Lead - US cents/lb 40 23 Iron ore - lumpy - US$/t 26 20 Ferrovanadium US$/t 20 10 Mc - Ferromanganese - US$/t 1,207 707 European eucalyptus pulp price US$/tonne 520 500 Please go to http://www.
At the same time, we have ceased the production and trading of unprofitable or low-margin products, including tin production in Brazil and ferrovanadium operations in Germany.
3], complete recovery of vanadium from the iron-vanadium concentrate up to ferrovanadium constitutes less than 50 %, whereby the highest losses occur at the stage of recovery from the vanadium slag of vanadium pentoxide.
Any disruption in the supply of feedstock would, therefore, impact vanadium production in a number of countries, and, in the short-term, reduce global output of a range of vanadium products made by Evraz including ferrovanadium, modified vanadium oxide, aluminum-vanadium, and vanadium chemicals.
If increase of titanium content in ferroalloy enables reduction of its density and melting point of the alloy changes insignificantly [8], in melting of ferrovanadium, ferroniobium and ferromolybdenum sharp increase of temperature of alloys is observed as content of the main alloying element increases, which causes reduction of the pool dimensions and need to reduce optimum mass of the metal being remolten.
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This study segments the market based on products such as ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon and others, which includes ferronickel, ferroboron, ferrotungsten and ferrovanadium.
Ferrovanadium is produced in metallurgy from vanadium-containing feedstock, using alumo-, silico- or carbo-thermal methods [1-3].
The publication provides market news, authoritative analysis & forecast, port stocks, spot price & foreign quotes of chrome ore, manganese ore and laterite-nickle, market price of ferroalloys like ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, siliconmanganese, silicon metal, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, ferronickel and so on.
Other ferroalloys include ferrotitanium, ferrouranium, ferrocerium, ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium.
Table 4: Worldwide Ferrovanadium Exports (2004 & 2005):