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ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. See explosiveexplosive,
substance that undergoes decomposition or combustion with great rapidity, evolving much heat and producing a large volume of gas. The reaction products fill a much greater volume than that occupied by the original material and exert an enormous pressure, which can be
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Convicted robber Malcolm Cruddas was attacked by fertiliser bomb plotter Omar Khyam while the pair were serving sentences in high security Frankland Prison in 2008.
According to the report, on July 22 last year, Breivik detonated a massive fertiliser bomb at an Oslo government building, killing eight people.
But five judges in Oslo ruled unanimously that he was not mad when he killed eight people with a fertiliser bomb in the city, then gunned down 69 more at a Norwegian Labour party youth camp on the island of Utoya.
The police investigation showed Breivik set off a fertiliser bomb that tore the facade of the high-rise that housed the government's headquarters, and drove toward Utoya unhindered as chaos reigned in the capital.
Breivik had been living with his mother in Oslo preparing for the attacks before renting a farm in order to make a fertiliser bomb.
The 32-year-old has admitted detonating a fertiliser bomb that killed eight people at a government building in Oslo in July and hours later committing a shooting spree at an island camp for the Labour Party youths, killing 69.
Adam, 24, was the brother of Anthony Garcia, who is currently serving a life sentence for a plot to blow up a London nightclub with a fertiliser bomb.
in a major fertiliser bomb plot to attack targets in London and across the UK.
Breivik set off a fertiliser bomb outside the government headquarters on July 22, killing eight people, before heading to the island retreat, where youth sections of Norway's governing courthouse Labour Party were gathered for their annual summer camp.
Oslo police, still examining the residues of the Oslo bomb, would not confirm media reports the bomb was a fertiliser bomb, the kind used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in the United States that claimed 168 lives.
At this time the Security Service did not know who the pair were, although they had been seen meeting a known terrorist who was plotting a fertiliser bomb atrocity.