Festival of Two Worlds

Festival of Two Worlds:

see Spoleto FestivalSpoleto Festival,
also called Festival of the Two Worlds, annual summer arts festival held in Spoleto, Italy. Founded by the composer Gian-Carlo Menotti and the conductor Thomas Schippers, the festival has been held annually since 1958.
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In addition, the award provides financial and production support to present a new work at Italy's Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds in July, and subsequently at La MaMa's home base in NYC.
I happened to be at the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds in Italy the summer of 2009, when Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch was performing.
His Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy, and Spoleto Festival USA, of Charleston, South Carolina, sought to bring together flesh creative forces in U.
Another reason to visit Spoleto: the internationally renowned, two-week-long Festival dei Due Mondi, or the Festival of Two Worlds (www.
The company has performed at American Dance Festival, the Kennedy Center, the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, and many other venues.
New York's Urban Arts Corps mounts the first performance of the Vinnette Carroll/Alex Bradford gospel play Your Arms Too Short to Box with God at Italy's Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds.
He called the event the Festival of Two Worlds, for pertinent reasons.
As a young dancer, Ramirez appeared on Broadway (Kismet, Lute Song), television, toured extensively in Spain, and danced with John Butler's company at Spoleto's Festival of Two Worlds.
Remember that the bridgehead of this Yankee invasion was London, although a few companies also appeared at Gian Carlo Menotti's marvelous and aptly named Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy.
The Spoleto Festival, which had its origins as the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy, in the 1950s, celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of its American incarnation with a schedule of performances by internationally acclaimed artists and rising newcomers.
In 1965, Gian Carlo Menotti, director of the Spoleto, Italy, Festival of Two Worlds, invited Paul to perform and make a new dance for the company.
He was dance director for Gian Carlo Menotti's Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy, and created dances for New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Netherlands Dance Theater, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Harkness Ballet.

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