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A stellate connective tissue cell found in fibrous tissue. Also known as a fibrocyte.



the basic cellular unit of connective tissue in man and other vertebrates. Fibroblasts produce fibers and the ground substance of connective tissue. They are converted to fibrocytes as a result of differentiation.

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RCS-01 could disrupt this market by providing patients with a filler comprised of their own fibroblast cells -- a much more compelling long-term solution than hyaluronic acid which dissipates in approximately six months," commented Dr.
RA synovial fibroblasts were isolated by enzymatic dispersion of synovial tissues from RA patients as previously described (Nam et al.
The new method described by Cooke and his coauthors starts with exposing fibroblasts to poly I:C (polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid), a small segment of double-stranded RNA that binds to the host cell receptor TLR3 (toll-like receptor 3), tricking the cells into reacting as if attacked by a virus.
Fibroblasts were quantified by counting numbers of cells per high power field (HPF) with the assistance of the digital analysis software using a semi-automated manual tag method [10, 11].
have shown that inhibition of DPP-4 increases cartilage invasion by rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
The research team reprogrammed fibroblasts and established a laboratory-based system for producing hepatic stem cells.
Specifically, the researchers found that DNA-damaging cancer treatment coaxes fibroblasts to crank out a protein called WNT16B within the tumor neighborhood, or microenvironment, and that high levels of this protein enable cancer cells to grow, invade surrounding tissue, and resist chemotherapy.
In contrast, Derrick Rancourt's group at the University of Calgary used viral vectors to get ordinary mouse fibroblasts to express the Yamanaka factors.
We will test a new class of treatments aimed at removing damaging fibroblasts in established arthritis and reprogramming them in early disease".
In this study, we aimed to determine the efficacy and safety of intradermal injections of autologous fibroblasts for the treatment of acne scars.
They have devised a three- ingredient molecular cocktail that can transform fibroblasts -- structural cells that the heart is full of -- directly into beating heart cells.

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