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a connective-tissue cell in man and other vertebrates, a fibroblast that has reached its final stage of differentiation and is incapable of further division.

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By showing that PTX-2/SAP has dominant therapeutic effects even downstream of TGF1 pathways through the ability to inhibit pathologic fibrocytes and macrophages and promote regulatory macrophage function, these results further confirm that Pentraxin-2 regulates fundamental mechanisms of the innate immune system, opening an exciting new approach to treat inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.
Analysis of efficacy biomarkers comparing healthy volunteers and IPF patients showed a 50% reduction of CD45+/collagen-1+ fibrocytes within peripheral blood of all IPF patients at 24 hours, and fibrocytes remained suppressed for up to 21 days in the majority of patients.
The peripheral blood fibrocyte is a potent antigenpresenting cell capable of priming naive T cells in situ.
These studies clearly highlight the significant potential for Pentraxin-2 therapeutics in the treatment of liver fibrosis, a disease which is characterized by massive accumulation of extracellular matrix along with the undesirable activation of quiescent hepatic stellate cells and fibrocytes in the liver.
According to the histology report, the biopsy specimens showed "a stroma of delicate bundles of immature collagen fibers interspersed by active fibrocytes and numerous dilated capillaries.
If a rib remnant is left (as most surgeons outside of our group do), osteocytes, chondrocytes, and fibrocytes grow from the end of the bone and produce fibrocartilage and regenerated bone that compress the nerves.
Numerous collagen fibers, fibrocytes, some muscle fibers, and hemocytes were observed in the connective tissue layer (Figs.
29 This porous, polypropylene polymer sheath is attached to the chip and promotes the development of fibrocytes and collagen fibers around the chip, which impedes movement so that the chip stays in place.
When there is tissue damage, fibrocytes are transformed into fibroblasts, which contains large amounts of organelles, which are necessary for the synthesis and excretion of proteins needed to repair the damaged tissue.
These results confirm that rhPTX-2 mediated suppression of neovascularization and fibrosis in these neovascular retinal models is mediated through similar inductions in IL-10 associated regulatory macrophage activity and selective inhibition of inflammatory macrophages and fibrocytes observed with rhPTX-2 therapy in models of pulmonary and renal fibrosis.
Connective tissue, being the most ubiquitous one in the organism, mainly composed of fibroblasts and fibrocytes, was the first target investigated as regards biocompatibility of zirconia.
Lf), macrophages (Mph), fibroblasts (Fb), fibrocytes (Fc), plasma cells (Pc) and polymorphonuclear leucocytes (Pnl) were counted.

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