Ficker, Julius Von

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Ficker, Julius Von


Born Apr. 30, 1826, in Paderborn; died July 10, 1902, in Innsbruck. Austrian historian.

Ficker became a professor at the university in Innsbruck in 1852. He was a representative of the reactionary Catholic Greater Germany historical school, which attempted to prove historically the need for Germany’s union around Austria under the aegis of the Hapsburg dynasty. As a member of this school, Ficker was involved in a controversy with H. von Sybel, in the course of which he extolled the medieval Holy Roman Empire for its Italian policy, which he believed benefited the historical development of Germany. An expert on medieval legal sources, Ficker was also involved in their publication.


Deutsches Königthum und Kaiserthun. Innsbruck, 1862.
Das deulsche Kaiserreich in seinen universalen und nationalen Beziehungen. Innsbruck, 1862.
Beiträge zur Urkundenlehre, vols. 1–2. Innsbruck, 1877–78.
Untersuchungen zur Erbenfolge der ostgermanischen Rechte, vols. 1–6. Innsbruck, 1891–1904.
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