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fiddleback, cross figure, cross fire, ripple figure

Abrupt, curly figures in wood, particularly maple and mahogany, caused by undulations in fiber alignment.
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Publications, 1960; original publisher, NY: Fiddleback Music Publishing Co.
He has published creative nonfiction and essays in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the New Atlantis, the Chronicle Review and the Fiddleback.
com)-- Fiddleback Construction, LLC, an interior and exterior construction company based in Bangor, has partnered with Prospect Genius, a leader in local online advertising, to assist area customers who are in need of handyman services and remodeling contractors with finding their services online.
The parish priests wear cassocks, birettas, and fiddleback vestments, and they know what to do with an amice, maniple, and cincture.
In the elevator lobby, for example, visitors will be greeted with warm and inviting light, a soothing stone tile floor and a soft colored wood ceiling while in the waiting room, which will be uniquely lit with a variety of medium/high level light fixtures, patients can appreciate an intricate 50-foot-long by 9-foot-high feature wall of Anigre Quartered Fiddleback wood paneling and back lit glass.
A ZENA SAYS: This Ashley dining set with a 76cm diameter table and two Yorkshire Fiddleback chairs costs pounds 173.
The genus is known by the common names of violin, fiddleback, and recluse spiders in North America because of the darkly pigmented pattern on the anterior carapace (Fig.
From Fiddleback Whittlers to Congress and Canoe designs, this style has grabbed the boomers who want to listen to these knives "walk and talk" and remember their youth.
Sam Maloof ran his weathered forefinger up the sculpted edge of the Fiddleback Maple dining chair and followed the hard line across the oiled back and down the buttery soft arm.
The wood, checkered by hand, glowed with a red sheen, its crotch, flame and fiddleback shimmering underneath.
For the body and neck, he found a fine fiddleback curly maple full of texture, beauty and richness.
The brown recluse spider is also known as the necrotizing spider, fiddleback spider, and violin spider (on its dorsal cephalothorax is a violin-shaped mark).