Field Museum of Natural History

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Field Museum of Natural History,

in Chicago, Ill. Founded in 1893 through the gifts of Marshall FieldField, Marshall,
1834–1906, American merchant, b. Conway, Mass. In 1856, after five years' apprenticeship in a general store in Pittsfield, Mass., he went to Chicago and became a clerk for Cooley, Wadsworth & Co.
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 and others, it was first known as the Columbian Museum of Chicago and in 1905 was renamed in honor of its major benefactor. It was originally intended to house the biological and anthropological collections included in the World's Columbian ExpositionWorld's Columbian Exposition,
held at Chicago, May–Nov., 1893, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Authorized (1890) by Congress, it was planned and completed by a commission headed by Thomas W.
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 (1893), and these objects form the core of its collection. First located in Jackson Park, in 1921 it moved to its present site on Chicago Park District, where it is part of a lakefront museum campus that also includes the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium. The museum is especially noted for its lifelike exhibits of animals in their natural settings, displays of plant life, and anthropological and geological collections. The many expeditions sponsored by the museum have contributed much to its collections. The museum also conducts research and maintains a publishing plant. Many educational opportunities are offered by its library, school-service department, and special programs.
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Washington, July 13 (ANI): New findings from a Field Museum (Chicago) excavation team has confirmed that pre-Hispanic Zapotec rulers carried around human femurs, or thigh bones, as a symbol of power and legitimacy.
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To find out how mean the extinct fish may have been, Mark Westneat, a zoologist at the Field Museum in Chicago, created a mechanical model of the fish's skull to test the force of its bite.
It is an interesting hypothesis, but it's relatively speculative;' says Peter Makovicky of the Field Museum in Chicago.
15-April 23, 2006), followed by the Field Museum of Chicago (May 26, 2006-Jan.
UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History and the Field Museum, Los Angeles, CA
scientists from Chicago's Field Museum descended upon Yavari, a mostly unexplored--and nearly inaccessible--are a along Peru's border with BraziL Whizzing over forest canopies in helicopters and small planes, jumping into small boats loaded with food and trekking through the thick foliage, these scientists planned to spend three weeks cataloging the plant and animal life in Yavari.