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Maiyam Mirzakhani, the Iranian-born mathematician who is the only woman and only Iranian yet to win the Fields Medal for mathematics, died Friday in California after a battle with cancer.
Mirzakhani, who became the first woman to win the Fields Medal, often described as Maths Nobel Prize, in her death ignited the debate that has been at the center of women's rights in the Islamic country- mandatory hijab.
ISLAMABAD -- Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician who in 2014 became the first woman awarded the Fields Medal, often called the most prestigious prize in mathematics, died on Saturday, reported NDTV.
In 2014, the Iran native and a Stanford University professor became the first woman to receive the highest honor Fields Medal, in mathematics and equal in reputation to a Nobel Prize.
She was awarded the coveted Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics in 2014.
Her career's greatest achievement came when she became the first woman to win the renowned Fields Medal for mathematics in 2014, which is the equivalent to the "Nobel Prize for mathematics".
Jean-Pierre Serre's mathematical contributions, leading to a Fields Medal in 1954, were largely in the field of algebraic topology, but his later work ranged widely--within algebraic geometry, group theory, and especially number theory.
The Fields Medal is awarded for achievements in which sphere of activity?
Mr Shang Yong, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology; Ms Leonie Ki, Executive Director of New World Development Company Limited; Professor Xue Qikun, Vice President of Tsinghua University; Professor Yau Shing-Tung, Chairman of International Committee of NWMA ("International Committee"), the Fields Medal Laureate, professor of Harvard University; have presented prizes to the awardees as tokens of appreciation and congratulations.
Editors Atiyah, Iagolnitzer, and Chong present readers with the third edition of a collection of lectures delivered by recipients of the Fields Medal in mathematics.
Yau is a mathematics and physics professor at Harvard University and winner of the Fields Medal, among other prestigious awards.
Prof Martin Hairer, who became that Regius Professor of Mathematics, was soon after awarded the world's most prestigious mathematics award, the Fields Medal.