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He was exhibited as "the Fighting Wolf," and men paid fifty cents in gold dust to see him.
After all, what would life be without fighting, I should like to know?
Then they tire him out, one man and then another, persuading him to exhaust himself by fighting wind.
His long months of culture and refinement shuddered at the sight; then the present was blotted out of his consciousness and the ghosts of the past possessed him, and he was Martin Eden, just returned from sea and fighting Cheese-Face on the Eighth Street Bridge.
Fast and furious was the fighting as the nobles of Salensus Oll sprang, time and again, up the steps before the throne only to fall back before a sword hand that seemed to have gained a new wizardry from its experience with the cunning Solan.
When next we hear of Raleigh he is in Ireland fighting the rebels.
He who knows these things, and in fighting puts his knowledge into practice, will win his battles.
These Fighting groups were modelled somewhat after the Fighting Organization of the Russian Revolution, and, despite the unceasing efforts of the Iron Heel, these groups persisted throughout the three centuries of its existence.
The war is no longer one between Trojans and Achaeans, for the Danaans have now taken to fighting with the immortals.
In this and other ways his manner of fighting was similar to that which had always marked me on the field of combat.
Consequently, when these monsters met in battle, they manoeuvred for the upper place, or grappled and fought like junks, throwing grenades fighting hand to hand in an entirely medieval fashion.
Of course, where there is so much fighting, the students make it a point to keep themselves in constant practice with the foil.