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(also Philip). Born 1507; died Dec. 23, 1569. Russian religious and political figure. Metropolitan.

Born Fedor Stepanovich Kolychev, Filipp served at the court of E. V. Glinskaia (seeGLINSKIIS). In 1537, after the suppression of the revolt led by Andrei Ivanovich Staritskii with the support of the Kolychevs, he fled to the Solovetskii Monastery, where he took monastic vows. In 1548 he became the monastery’s hegumen. In July 1566 he was chosen metropolitan by the church council. In November 1568, after publicly condemning in the presence of Ivan IV Vasil’evich the arbitrary and bloody rule of the oprichnina, he was deposed and imprisoned. On the tsar’s orders, he was strangled by G. L. Skuratov-Bel’skii at the Otroch-Uspenskii Monastery in Tver’. Filipp was canonized by the Russian church in 1652.


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Whenever we go somewhere in the evening, I always sit on the box--it's a lot more fun and you can see everything; Filipp lets me drive and sometimes I even use the whip.
Clearly heartbroken, on June 10, 1918, Filipp Mikhailovich Shubin wrote to the prisoners in an effort to convince them to capitulate to the authorities and sign the registration papers that would give them freedom:
CHAMPIONSHIP - Chad Henniger, Eugene, d Filipp Pogostkin, Bellevue, Wash.
Bendall, 28, was last in action in July when he beat Ukranian Filipp Bystrikov inside five rounds at the Skydome in Coventry.
Doller, * Karl Dietrich, ([dagger]) Norbert Filipp, ([dagger]) Stefan Brockmann, ([double dagger]) Caroline Dreweck, ([double dagger]) Reinhard Vonthein, ([section]) Christiane Wagner-Wiening, ([double dagger]) and Albrecht Wiedenmann ([paragraph])
British welterweight ruler Neil Sinclair meets unbeaten Ukrainian Filipp Bystrikov, while three outstanding English prospects are also booked.
In 1889, Filipp Belik sent a letter to The Village Herald in which he complained that he had spent two years in the Syr-Daria region in Central Asia and that life there was "very, very bad.
En el ambito del cancer, los estudios realizados ponen de manifiesto una relacion positiva entre el apoyo social y las estrategias adaptativas en el proceso de la enfermedad (Aymanns, Filipp y Klauer, 1995; Turner, Sephton, Koopman y cols.
Their immune systems function better (Kaplan, 1991; Winawer & Shike, 1995), and they have lower psychophysiologic responses to stress (Fleming, Baum, Gisriel, & Gatchel, 1982; Kirschbaum, Klauer, Filipp, & Hellhammer, 1995; Lepore, Allen, & Evans, 1993).
I always wanted to ask you about Filipp Herschkowits, [21] a figure very important for many gifted Soviet composers who came to their maturity in the 1950s and later.
In the process of embellishing Stalin's role as the single-handed founder of the Bolshevik movement in Transcaucasia, other eminent Transcaaucasian Bolsheviks, including Avel Enukidze, Filipp Makharadze, and Mamia Orakhelashvili, were reduced to "falsifiers of history," counterrevolutionaries or enemies of the people.
Impairments of visual, perceptual, and cognitive functions have been shown to occur with age (Baltes, Cornelius, Spiro, Nesselroade, and Willis, 1980), and higher-order perceptual/cognitive decline has been suggested to be a contributing factor in motor vehicle accidents among older drivers (Ball, Owsley, Sloane, Roenker, and Bruni, 1993; Coyne, Fiens, Powell, and Joslin, 1990; Lucas-Blaustein, Filipp, Dungan, and Tune, 1988; Odenheimer et al.

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