Film Holder

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Film Holder


a lightproof device that contains photographic film or a photographic plate. Film holders (cartridges) for compact cameras consist of a cylindrical housing containing a spool, with the film wound around its core, and a cover for the housing. The film is drawn out of the holder through a slit in the housing. Such film holders are made of plastic or metal. To provide more rapid loading of the camera, special film holders are used, including the rapid (spoolless) and the Kodapak, which has both supply and take-up parts (with a spool only in the take-up part). Film holders also exist that are loaded with wide, rolled film or film units for cameras in which the photographic image is produced by the one-step (diffusion) process.

Plate holders (magazines), which are flat and rectangular, have a movable shutter (sliding plate) in front of the photosensitive layer on the plate. The housings for such film holders are made of metal, plastic, wood, or cardboard. Plate holders are either inserted into the camera’s housing or are fastened to its rear portion. They are classified as single, double, or magazine types, depending on the number of photographic plates they contain. A variety of the plate holder is the adapter, which is usually loaded with film packs.


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New motorised film holder to enable easy batch scanning.
Endo Ray II film holder (Dentsply) was used for PT while a hemostat was utilized for BAT.
The XCP-ORA dental X-ray film holder combines all three of these dental X-ray functions into one device, in contrast to the previous generation of XCP holders.
The multi-featured scanning solution also allows users to scan pages directly into a search-ready PDF document and features a built-in transparency unit specially designed for scanning 35mm film and slides through a supplied film holder.
The multi-featured scanning solution is also equipped with 4800 dpi scan resolution and a built-in transparency unit specially designed for scanning 35mm film and slides through a supplied film holder.
The single-station 140M machine utilizes a vertically-mounted, pneumatically-operated microfinishing unit, which includes abrasive film holder, guides, and indexer.
After exposure, the silver halide film is processed (off-line) and replaced in the magnetically actuated film holder.
It also comes equipped with slide and film holder trays and a cleaning brush to ensure high-quality scans.
The XCP device has a collimator ring that is parallel with the film--holding plane of the x-ray film holder.
Plustek designed the film holders to ensure accurate imaging and efficient workflow.
The ideal solution for scanning documents, 35mm strip film and slides and medium format film, the V500 has an integrated transparency unit and two film holders that can process 12 frames of 35mm strip film, four frames of 35mm mounted slides and one frame of 6x12 centimetre medium format film.