fire engine

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fire engine:

see fire fightingfire fighting,
the use of strategy, personnel, and apparatus to extinguish, to confine, or to escape from fire. Fire-Fighting Strategy

Fire fighting strategy involves the following basic procedures: arriving at the scene of the fire as rapidly as possible;
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fire engine

a heavy road vehicle that carries firemen and fire-fighting equipment to a fire
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But the Fire Brigades Union fears the TRV could be used as a cheaper alternative to frontline fire engines.
Driving on the taxiways normally used by firefighting air tankers, the fire engine operators were training in "Code 3" - emergency - driving during a two-week Forest Service course on driving, maintaining and operating their fire engines.
LONDON, February 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Firefighters from Bethnal Green Fire Station will today hand the Deputy Chief Fire Officer Roy Bishop a petition and thousands of letters that have been sent by members of the public opposing the removal of a fire engine from Bethnal Green.
They also expressed concern about the prospect of asking troops to cross picket lines and enter fire stations where the modern fire engines are stored.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery of two fire engines StLF Season 20/25 for the city Leichlingen
The hazardous materials unit and a supporting fire engine came from Warrington while the high volume pump and a supporting fire engine were sent from Congleton.
A RIOTER attacked a pedestrian and threw missiles at a fire engine as violence flared on the streets of Liverpool last summer.
Joanne Clayton, treasurer of the Fire Engine Rally Committee, said: "There are about 60 fire engines at the event which come from all over the country especially for this event.
During October 2008 two new special fire engines were seen in Warwickshire.
Mr Whittaker said he would be writing to the chief fire officer to express concerns about the speed of fire engines approaching pedestrian crossings.
Evidence now shows that fire engines from surrounding stations, most notably Dudley, less than two miles away, can get to the Sedgley station area quicker than its own retained crews.