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Louis; which, in consequence of the expenses and risks of a long land carriage, were furnished them at an immense advance on first cost.
He was to furnish vessels, goods, provisions, arms, ammunition, and all other requisites for the enterprise at first cost and charges, provided that they did not, at any time, involve an advance of more than four hundred thousand dollars.
He was to give me ten dollar an acre for the clearin’, and one dollar an acre over the first cost on the woodland, and we agreed to leave the buildin’s to men.
In fact, locating the equipment as close together as possible is key to the first cost savings.
Apprehension about the performance of new technology, buying decisions that are based on first cost, and the proliferation of greenwashing by manufacturers and service providers present major obstacles to greening the healthcare industry for nearly 80% of respondents to a survey of healthcare seminar attendees.
Another first cost such as information modeling, which utilizes computer-aided design to produce three-dimensional models of projects, allows owners and the design/build team to incorporate green elements at the start of the project.
The first cost included Marie-Pierre Flechais as a beautiful, but generally frightened, Ella; a cynical and charming Johan Kobborg as her faithless lover; and a cold and dull Caroline Cavallo as her triumphant rival.
SAN FRANCISCO -- CalCEF Innovations, the market strategy and public policy arm of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF), today announced the release of the second whitepaper in its Energy Efficiency (EE) series: "Energy Efficiency Paying the Way: New Financing Solutions Remove First Cost Hurdles.
Unfortunately, many facilities managers and financial departments use first cost as the sole criterion for evaluating a facilities solution, thereby trapping their company in a costly spiral of churn-related expenses.
Open loop systems typically have the lowest first cost with standing column and closed loop wells being higher in cost.
The widespread notion that sustainable building practices have to be sacrificed to keep costs in check derives from the current market's practice to prioritize first cost over long-term savings.
Collectively, we can deliver significant savings on both first cost and life cycle cost to each customer.

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