Chalanda Marz

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Chalanda Marz (First of March)

March 1
In Engadine, located in the Inn River valley of eastern Switzerland, the arrival of spring is celebrated with the ringing of bells. Young people put on herdsmen's costumes with wide leather belts from which they hang as many cow bells as they can collect. Smaller bells hang from their necks or are strapped across their chests. These "herdsmen" are followed by other young boys with bells around their necks who represent the cows. They go from house to house, clanging their bells as loudly as possible to scare off winter and serenading people with traditional spring songs. Sometimes they are given money, but more often they are rewarded with cakes, apples, or eggs. An evening feast is made out of the food, and afterward there are games and dancing. The money goes to the village schoolmaster, who saves it for a class picnic or excursion.
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We plied along the coast in this uncertainty two days, till on the first of March having doubled a point of land, which came out a great way into the sea, we found ourselves in the middle of a fair large bay, which many reasons induced us to think was Baylur; that we might be farther assured we sent our Abyssin on shore, who returning next morning confirmed our opinion.
Three of them found a window, and forcing a passage through it, cried the pair, and that is how it came about that my father and mother were married on the first of March.
I shall be back here by the first of March, and on the second I give my real marriage feast.
But more recent popular demand dictated we reinstate the service at Mille Lacs, which we'll be happy to do by the first of March," said the Mille Lacs Chief Executive.
EFP expects the other two tranches, which will net the company an additional $900,000, to be completed on the first of March and May 2007, respectively.
GRGI is on target to be marketing a wide variety of motorsports themed affinity telecommunications products and services through this relationship beginning the first of March, 1999.
Egyptian armed forces spokesman Brigadier Mohamamd Samir said in a statement today that this campaign started on the first of March and lasted for one week, and resulted in the killing of 70 terrorist, while arresting 23 others wanted by security authorities, including two Palestinians, besides a total of 95 suspects.
Noha Adly Mohamed Abdel Rahman as the First Deputy to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology starting from the first of March.