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see RijekaRijeka
or Fiume
, city (2011 pop. 128,624), W Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Quarnero. Croatia's largest seaport, the city's industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, paper milling, and engine building. The city's air port is on nearby Krk island.
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, Croatia.
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Frank Fiume, the company's founder and former chief executive officer, will remain on board as chairman and will serve as an advisor to Sanders in his new role.
Contractor address : ATI composta da CNS Consorzio Nazionale Servizi Societa Cooperativa, COGEIR Costruzioni e Gestioni Srl e Impresa Del Fiume SpA
Mussolini was an admirer and openly acknowledged his debt to "the John the Baptist of fascism" but Lenin also regarded the Duce of Fiume as a kindred spirit.
unconventional gas acreage, at Fiume Bruna and Casoni, located near
Previously never made available in the USA, Linari's coveted collection of eau de parfums - Angelo di Fiume, Notte Bianca, Eleganza Luminosa, Vista Sul Mare and Aqua Santa - are now available at MiN New York.
The Carpathia was primarily designed for the Hungarian emigrant service between Fiume and New York, but the most dramatic event in its career was the rescue of survivors of Titanic.
In one particularly illustrative example, the opening of a madrigal is changed from "Apress'un fiume chiaro / donne e donzelle ballavan d'intorno / ad un perlato di bei fiore adorno" to "Appresso al volto chiaro / de questa Maesta, ch'e sempre adorno, / vergini belle gli stavan d'intorno" (50-51).
Born before the First World War to an Italian family in Fiume (now Rijeka in Croatia), his mother tongue was Italian; growing up in Austria-Hungary as it then was, he obviously spoke German, the language of the empire, and Hungarian, since Fiume was technically part of Hungary; of course, he also spoke Serbo-Croatian, the language of the hinterland behind the Italianate Adriatic towns, and French -- well everyone of a certain class spoke French in those days; in his old age, he would add with a twinkle in his eye, he had even managed to pick up a decent smattering of English.
Several other chapters consider racial, ethnic, and national identity, including the contributions by Giovanna Fiume on devotion to St.
It's a pretty little town lying along the narrow Fiume Temo (Temo River) with a network of ascending streets crammed with tall red-roofed houses and apartments.
lungo il fiume a caccia tra pontili e lembi di sabbia--
At Darley Moor, in Derbyshire, 66-year-old Mick Ives - competing against a younger age group - claimed victory in the Giro del Fiume circuit race, while Tony Wilkins had his best finish of the season in second place in the over-50s.