Flaming Gorge Dam

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Flaming Gorge Dam,

in a deep canyon of the Green River, NE Utah; built 1958–63 by the U.S. Bureau of ReclamationReclamation, United States Bureau of,
agency set up in the Dept. of the Interior under the Reclamation Act of 1902. It is charged with promoting regional economies by developing water and related land resources in the West.
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 as a major unit in the Colorado River storage projectColorado River storage project,
a multipurpose plan, undertaken by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in 1956, to control the flow of the upper Colorado and its tributaries and to aid in the development of the rugged, remote upper Colorado River basin; includes parts of Wyo.
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. The dam regulates the flow of the upper river and produces hydroelectricity. Flaming Gorge Lake, extending 91 mi (146 km) upstream, is part of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, administered by the U.S. Forest Service. The canyon was named in 1869 by the U.S. explorer John Wesley PowellPowell, John Wesley,
1834–1902, American geologist and ethnologist, b. Mt. Morris (now part of New York City). The family moved to Illinois, where Powell joined the Natural History Society, making collections and serving as secretary of the society.
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 because the brilliant red gorge, from a distance, looked as if it were on fire.
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The lack of vegetative change we observed in the Green River downstream of the confluence with Yampa River suggests that the Yampa River ameliorates the effects of Flaming Gorge Dam sufficiently to prevent occurrence of macrophytes and bryophytes.
2007), which suggests that the Yampa River ameliorates some but not all of the ecological effects of Flaming Gorge Dam.
A failure at Flaming Gorge Dam, with a full pool of 3.
The Bureau of Reclamation's (BuRec) security measures are weakest at two of the system's most vulnerable structures, Glen Canyon and Flaming Gorge Dams.
Negative effects of altered flows and reduced water temperatures downstream of Flaming Gorge Dam were postulated as main causes for the demise of bonytails in affected reaches of the Green River, but as Kaeding et al.
Newly implemented flow and temperature recommendations from Flaming Gorge Dam, which attempt to restore aspects of a more natural flow regime, may improve habitat for bonytails (R.
Part of what makes the Green one of the West's best trout rivers is the ``selective withdrawal structures'' that were fitted to Flaming Gorge Dam.
A short ride to the put-in spot below the Flaming Gorge Dam and we get on board.
TAKE ACTION: Ask the agency to re-regulate the flows of the Flaming Gorge Dam to protect the riparian ecosystems at Canyonlands and Dinosaur.