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(graphic arts)
Relief printing with plates fastened to a cylinder and with a single inking roller supplied with aniline ink from two rollers in the ink fountain. Also known as aniline printing; aniline process; flexographic printing.



printing with a resilient, elastic relief surface and fluid, fast-drying inks; a type of letterpress printing. Flexography uses special rotary presses with up to eight printing units. The relief surfaces, or plates, are molded from rubber or rubberlike plastic; cast and photopolymer plates are also used. The impression cylinders make up to 23,000 rotations per hour. The printing is done on paper, cellophane, foil, and polymer films. Flexography is also called aniline printing, because aniline dyes may be used as inks. The process is widely used for printing packaging materials, paper office forms, advertising, and occasionally books.


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The flexography segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.
He explains that flexography is at times incorrectly associated with poor quality print, further attributing the fault to challenging substrates that only flexography can tackle.
The flexography printing segment acoounted for the largest market share in the next five years.
The pressure labels market is also projected to witness growth in flexography, lithography, screen printing, gravure, letterpress, and offset during the forecast period.
The company, a division of Franklin International, has empowered printing companies to easily and cost-effectively print adhesives in-house on their own flexography equipment -- and give their customers exactly what they want -- with its revolutionary new line of Flex water-based adhesives.
Ron and Katherine have not only provided financial resources, they have also served on flexography advisory boards, foundation boards, and many other service related boards.
Among the qualities that distinguish digital printing of on-demand, short-run orders from lithography, flexography, and other methods is the capability to customize entire pages of an order, rather than varying a basic template.
Restricted from judging any of the categories Sealed Air enters, Tom Ashcroft, process engineer for Sealed Air's Cryovac brand, serves as a judge for the Excellence in Flexography awards.
Fully recyclable as HDPE, V-Max can be easily printed using offset litho, flexography, gravure and screen printing and is available in coated and uncoated versions.
By taking advantage of new functional electronic inks (conductive, semiconductive and dielectric) and leveraging graphic arts printing platforms (gravure, flexography, inkjet), it is possible to reduce cost by several orders of magnitude and also significantly increase throughput over that of silicon IC manufacturing.
A new 10-color flexographic printing press reportedly matches the quality of rotogravure while using substantially less energy than conventional flexography.
The new unit allows producing table sets and tray covers printed in flexography in one or more colors, embossed and not, but also products for foodstuff packaging and products for household cleaning.