Flinders Ranges

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Flinders Ranges,

mountain chain, extending 260 mi (418 km) between Lake Torrens and Lake Frome, South Australia state, Australia; rises to 3,900 ft (1,189 m) at St. Mary's Peak. Uranium and copper are mined there and three major national parks draw many tourists.

Flinders Ranges


mountains in South Australia, north of Spencer Gulf. The Flinders Ranges rise to an elevation of 1,189 m. They are composed of clay shales, quartzites, and dolomites. Annual precipitation varies from 200 mm in the north to 400 mm in the south. The slopes are covered with mallee (a type of scrub) and, in the north, with semidesert shrubs and halophytes.

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The State Government will create a new national park to protect and preserve a heritage-listed Ediacaran fossil field on Nilpena Station in the Flinders Ranges and are investing $1.
Bell stayed on board throughout the process, and the production was assisted by locations manager Mason Curtis in facilitating a dialogue with local elders of the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges.
At the same time the federal government is now actively examining a site in the iconic Flinders Ranges region as a place to locate Australia's national waste stockpile.
Adnyamathanha people are angry about a likely low level nuclear waste dump near South Australia's Flinders Ranges, saying they don't want the outback poisoned again.
The station at Barndioota, close to the Flinders Ranges 400 kilometres north of Adelaide, has been selected by the government ahead of five other possible sites offered by the landowners.
I'm travelling around the Flinders Ranges, South Australia's largest mountain range, a four-hour drive north of the state's capital, Adelaide.
A rare sighting: A yellow footed rock wallaby | The Ochre Cliffs, in Australia's Flinders Ranges | Emus take their time crossing the road | The colourful backdrop of Bunyeroo Valley Lookout NEED TO KNOW | NICK MCAVANEY was a guest of Aussie specialists, Flight Centre (flightcentre.
The study investigated this hypothesis in a case study of the Flinders Ranges, an outback region of South Australia that embraces a wide-scale, award-winning ecological recovery program called Operation Bounceback (key locations in study site are presented in Figure 1).
Muell (sugar gum) is a tree endemic to South Australia, where it is distributed discontinuously across the southern Flinders Ranges, Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island (CLARKE et al.
Fires had also burnt a total of 425000 hectares of land and 12 houses in the Flinders Ranges, Murraylands and southern Barossa Valley between Jan 14 to Jan 17; while 5 houses were destroyed by fires by the Murraguldrie State Forest fire.
South Australia's town of Quorn, in the Flinders Ranges, is left with no full banking service provider since ANZ closed its Hawker branch last year.

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