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Leadership and management according to Florence Nightingale.
In every life story about Florence Nightingale, it is referenced that she had a very close relationship with her God.
It is pertinent, however, to stress on the life of Florence Nightingale because her ideals permeate the nursing profession even in the twentieth century.
As well as celebrating the life and achievements of Florence Nightingale, Heart of England will mark International Nurses Day on May 12 by recognising 20 nurses who have gone the extra mile to provide a high standard of nursing.
Florence Nightingale was a miasmatist, believing that diseases spread by emanations given off by the environment (essentially bad air) and particularly by poor hygiene.
In India, we have our own versions of Florence Nightingale - in all our States- in urban and in remote regions - who have earned the well-deserved reputation of being highly disciplined and professional.
In the words of Florence Nightingale, whom we honor with this issue along with all of you, "Rather, 10 times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore.
Florence Nightingale Group President Cemsid Demiroglu said, Our strategic plan is to partner with Nigerians to bring the International Florence Nightingale Group brand to the region and everything it stands for in healthcare in Turkey and the rest of Europe, to Nigeria and the rest of Africa sub-Saharan marketplace.
For too long, Florence Nightingale has been thought of just as the 'Lady with the Lamp/ a heroic figure from nursing's past," he said.
The winner of this year's Florence Nightingale Essay Contest is Jamie Allison, RN of Coalgate, OK.
Each May as Nurses Week approaches, my love of history draws me to nursing's roots, Florence Nightingale.
Florence Nightingale is recognized for her efforts in this area.