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Florio, John

(flô`rēō), 1553?–1625, English author, b. London of Italian parentage. Educated at Oxford, Florio served in various capacities at the court of James I. He is chiefly remembered for his free translation (1603) of the essays of Montaigne. He wrote works on Italian grammar and compiled an Italian-English dictionary, A World of Words (1598).
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Before Formula 1 racing, the Targa Florio was the most difficult and challenging race for cars on earth.
Florio received his Bachelor of Science from Clarkson University.
According to Florio, the league could decide to get rid of any Thursday night games before Thanksgiving.
Florio has served as president and chief executive officer of Hudson River Bank & Trust from 1995 and served as the regional president on completion of the merger between Hudson River Bancorp, Inc.
Hamlin grounds the chapter on the telling observation that though Florio chose to translate more than 800 Greek and Latin extracts from classical authors included in Montaigne's text (a choice Montaigne himself and an earlier Italian translator decline), he left untranslated twenty-two extracts largely sexual in content, gleaned by Montaigne from sources such as Lucretius, Martial, Catullus, Juvenal, Horace, and Ovid.
I think Garcia's lawyer did an outstanding job on his behalf, but I think John Florio was a real victim here.
FINRA is also watching other complex products such as interest-rate sensitive products like long duration bonds and exchange-traded funds, as well as corporate bonds, di Florio said.
Florio and Shapiro present a candid, eye-opening look into a sport that has always had a shady reputation and sordid history, and their research and interviews with dozens of boxers and insiders provides a very readable, and at times very unsettling, view of the world of boxing.
In his autobiography, Florio captivates the frustrations of everyday life for him living with paralysis.
Carlo di Florio was sworn in as the Director of the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) on January 25, 2010.
As the president of the Automobile Club Palermo, Antonio Marasco, said after the accident, the Targa Florio is an event where many great champions have left us in the past, and sadly this has happened again.
The 106-mile Targa Florio this year became part of the IRC.