Foam Glass

foam glass

[′fōm ‚glas]
A light, black, opaque, cellular glass made by adding powdered carbon to crushed glass and firing the mixture.

Foam Glass


a cellular material that is obtained by heating to fusion finely ground glass powder with a pore-forming material, such as coke, chalk, or dolomite. It is a good thermal and acoustic insulator and is easily worked and cemented. The average density varies from 100 to 700 kg/m3.

Foam glass is used for the thermal insulation of refrigeration cars and underground piping and as a buoyant material in rescue devices and pontoons. Filters for acids and alkalies are made from foam glass with open pores.

foam glass, cellular glass, expanded glass

A thermal insulation made by foaming softened glass to produce many sealed bubbles; has a closed-cell structure. Molded into board and blocks, usually with a density of about 9 to 10 lb per cu ft (14.4 to 16 kg per cu m).
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Materials: clinker red (~ 5000 m 2 ), clinker gray (~ 1350 m 2 ), 1-room foam glass dmmstein (~ 650 m), 2-walled glass dmmstein (~ 50 m), 3-walled glass dmmstein (~ 40 m), moisture barrier layer (~ 1650 m 2 ), leveling layer (~ 300 m 2 ), perimeter insulation (~ 600 m 2 ), permanent scaffolding anchor (~ 6500m 2 ), mini-safe / wall-mounted wardrobe (~ 8 pcs).
World leader in foam glass gravel, a 99% recycled product that substitutes for manufactured foam insulation in green roof construction.
Good growth is also expected for foam glass in thermal insulation applications, particularly as an insulating base for liquified natural gas tanks.
These lightweight foam glass bricks remove paint, varnish, wax, rust and mineral stains just as effectively, and without the chemicals and odors, of harsher alternatives.
2) Those derived from mineral resources include rock wool, vermiculite granules, perlite, fiberglass and foam glass.
800 m 2 , - pur-geflledmmschicht about 635 m 2 , - foam glass insulation layer 2-ply, One layer as a slope insulation approx.
A Novel Process for Foam Glass Preparation from Waste CRT Panel Glass (M.
roof insulation: 2,620 m 2 ), Foam glass (ca 2 620 m 2 ), Bituminous roofing (approx.
1 700 m 2 membrane roof, Foam glass insulation, Flat inclined: Approx.
The resultant nonhazardous materials can be used to create products such as abrasives, foam glass, roofing granules and other architectural and building materials," he added.
approximately 3 555 m 2 2-layer wall painting on plaster background, approximately 40 m 2 2-layer wall painting on plastered foam glass background, approximately 51 m 2 2-layer whiteboard painting on plaster background, approximately 90 m 2 2-layer ceiling painting on plaster background approximately 80 m 2 2-layer ceiling painting on plastered etics - wet abrasion class 2, hiding power class 2, - incl.
the essential services are: , roof insulation: - installation slope planning 1 psch, - installation planning fall protection 1 psch, - vapor barrier with primer 1 800 m 2 , - false insulation eps 1 550 m 2 , - slope insulation foam glass 250 m 2 , - bitumen waterproofing system 2-ply 1 800 m 2 , - gravel 50 mm (as ballast) on protective fleece 1650 m 2 , - pavement slabs 40 mm (as ballast) on building protection mats 150 m 2 , - roof drainage (drain) 8 pcs, - skylights 80x80 cm 1 piece, - skylights 150x100 cm 3 pcs, - flat roof fall protection: stainless steel cable system approx.