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folk high school,

type of adult education that in its most widely known form originated in Denmark in the middle of the 19th cent. The idea as originally conceived by Bishop Nikolai GrundtvigGrundtvig, Nikolai Frederik Severin
, 1783–1872, Danish educator, minister, and writer, founder of the Danish folk high school. He came into doctrinal conflict with church authorities and was forbidden to preach but was reinstated (1832) and became titular bishop (1861).
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 was to stimulate the intellectual life of young adults (generally from 18 to 25 years of age) of rural Denmark, to foster patriotism and strengthen religious conviction, and to provide agricultural and vocational training. The first school, established in Schleswig (1844), was moved across the Danish border after Schleswig passed to Prussia. The movement then gained momentum, and numerous schools were established, with national history and literature emphasized in the curriculum. The folk high schools had a great influence on the civic life of rural Denmark and helped to improve the condition of the small farmer whose products were marketed through cooperative societies. The folk school idea spread throughout Europe with local adaptations, but by the early 20th cent. the movement had abated. In the United States notable experiments in this type of adult education were instituted at Rome, Ga., and at Brasstown, N.C., where the John C. Campbell Folk School was founded (1925). Most attempts to found folk high schools in the United States, however, have been unsuccessful.


See T. Rordam, The Danish Folk High Schools (1965); D. C. Davis, Model for a Humanistic Education: The Danish Folk High School (1971).

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En el mundo de la educacion este ano hay que felicitar el 85 aniversario de la escuela para adultos, situada en Tennessee, Highlander Folk School (1932-1962) que, posteriormente, tras haber sido cerrada por las autoridades se reubico en otro pueblo del mismo estado cambiando su nombre a Highlander Research and Education Center.
Campbell Folk School ottered demos of historical crafts, such as broom-making.
A Minnesota native and attendee of the state's North House Folk School (where he learned timber-frame construction and other traditional woodcrafts), he spent 16 years living in Portland and exploring eastern Oregon on hiking excursions to Hells Canyon.
Over time the Folk School Movement spread, including here to the United States.
In the United States, an emblematic example of these non-formal educational settings is the Highlander Folk School, founded by Myles Horton in 1932 in Monteagle, Tennessee.
At the time of her arrest, she was a secretary of theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA chap and the previous summer she had attended a workshop for social and economic justice at Tennessee's Highlander Folk School.
org The Big Experiment Wales's all-age folk school will be hosting tuition, workshops, master classes and concerts at the Conway Centre in Llanfairpwll, Anglesey from Friday to Sunday.
Carpenter teaches bird-carving classes at the Sawtooth Center of Visual Arts in Winston-Salem, NC and the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC as well as many demonstrations though out the year.
Coffield, he learned, later went on to do graduate work at the UO, became a prolific writer, founded the Grundtvig Folk School near Mount Hood and did some acting in San Francisco.
The SNYC was active in forging ties with such groups as the Highlander Folk School, and in South Carolina in early 1946 they sponsored a Leadership Training Conference that provided instruction in public speaking, interacting with the press, and organizing.
Perhaps best remembered for his establishment of The Clearing, a folk school on Wisconsin's Door County Peninsula, the legacy of his work is still in evidence throughout the Midwest.
Over the years, he made many friends in the coastal town of Brevik, home of an emerging port currently used by commercial ferries, whom he first met for discussions over setting up a folk school in Berwick.