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the body of customs, legends, beliefs, and superstitions passed on by oral tradition. It includes folk dancesfolk dance,
primitive, tribal, or ethnic form of the dance, sometimes the survival of some ancient ceremony or festival. The term is used also to include characteristic national dances, country dances, and figure dances in costume to folk tunes.
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, folk songsfolk song,
music of anonymous composition, transmitted orally. The theory that folk songs were originally group compositions has been modified in recent studies. These assume that the germ of a folk melody is produced by an individual and altered in transmission into a
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, folk medicinefolk medicine,
methods of curing by means of healing objects, herbs, or animal parts; ceremony; conjuring, magic, or witchcraft; and other means apart from the formalized practice of medical science.
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 (the use of magical charms and herbs), and folktalesfolktale,
general term for any of numerous varieties of traditional narrative. The telling of stories appears to be a cultural universal, common to primitive and complex societies alike.
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 (myths, rhymes, and proverbs). The study of folklore emerged significantly in the 19th cent., partly out of the rise of European romanticism, with its interest in the past, and partly out of nationalism, with its stress on the indigenous. Today most folklorists and anthropologists regard folk customs, legends, and beliefs as an imaginative expression by a people of its desires, attitudes, and cultural values. Folk heroes (e.g., Frederick Barbarossa in Germany, the Cid in Spain, Robin Hood in England, Cuchulain in Ireland, Paul Bunyan in the United States, and Yü in China) have been said to reflect the civilization from which they sprang. Many theories have arisen to explain folk tales—Max Müller, a philologist, interpreted the legends as linguistic corruptions; Jakob Grimm saw them as corrupted cosmic allegories; the German school considered them as personified elements of nature; Edward Tylor and Andrew Lang held them to be survivals from a savage society; Freud and the psychoanalytical school found them fraught with sexual symbolism. Folklore has become increasingly important in the study of primitive societies and in understanding the history of mankind. Almost every country has a folklore society which collects, analyzes, and publishes folk material (e.g., in the United States the American Folklore Society publishes the Journal of American Folklore). For further information, see games, children'sgames, children's,
amusements or pastimes involving more than one child and in which there is some sort of formalized dramatic element, contest, or plot. Games are a cultural universal; for example, the string play called Cat's Cradle is common to cultures as varied as Eskimo,
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; monsters and imaginary beasts in folkloremonsters and imaginary beasts.
The mythologies and legends of ancient and modern cultures teem with an enormous variety of monsters and imaginary beasts. A great number of these are composites of different existing animals and of human beings and animals.
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; mythologymythology
[Greek,=the telling of stories], the entire body of myths in a given tradition, and the study of myths. Students of anthropology, folklore, and religion study myths in different ways, distinguishing them from various other forms of popular, often orally transmitted,
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1. the unwritten literature of a people as expressed in folk tales, proverbs, riddles, songs, etc.
2. the body of stories and legends attached to a particular place, group, activity, etc.
3. the anthropological discipline concerned with the study of folkloric materials
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This sentence was selected from the folk story "The eider and the younger brother" (Chen and Wu 1998: 217) which was briefly introduced above.
Based on a popular American folk story, it has to be said that this picture bears about as much resemblance to the original Legend Of Sleepy Hollow as Jaws does to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Mulan,'' based on a Chinese folk story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to fight off Hun invaders, had been blocked from the world's most populous nation since its release last summer due to China's anger over Disney's 1997 release of ``Kundun.
A recording of a native storyteller relating a folk story or a song can be shared.
for interaction with children ; arrange performances of musicians and folk singers and encourage children to enjoy, sing and dance with the musicians at their own will; arrange folk games, folk toys and folk story sessions ; facilitate children to participate in Urs festivities, artisans at work, art exhibitions, folk art and craft festivals; arrange screening of cultural documentaries on various subjects for children; disseminate informative material on folklore such as posters, brochures, pamphlets, etc among children and create interest in them to display this material at homes; dramatize folk tales and folk romances; and undertake any other function that is essential to be carried out in line with the objectives of the society.
A JAPANESE woman has flown to Cardiff to learn Welsh 30 years after falling in love with a folk story.
A SPECTACULAR firework folk story will light up News ham Park tomorrow night and kick start Liverpool's Carnival weekend.
Walk the Plank and Kinetika join forces with Brouhaha and local performers to present an open-air folk story.
The 45 minute production, put together by The Belgrade Theatre, was based on a Russian folk story entitled Firebird - which derives from the concept of the Phoenix.
The old folk story was little more than a filler when it might have been more.
The artistic segment will combine 2,000 dancers, athletes and volunteers to communicate a narrated folk story that reflects Norwegian traditions and culture.
The folk story of Shah Borri and Sitam is very famous in Charsadda.