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the armed forces of a STATE; pertaining to the armed forces or to WARFARE.

The Austrian sociologist Ludwig Gumplowitz (1838-1909) argued that military conquest was the origin both of the state and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. Whether or not this view is accepted (and usually it is regarded as far too simple), it is clear the military play a crucial role in the maintenance of state power once this is established. Despite this, until recently sociological study of the military and of warfare has occupied only a relatively marginalized place within mainstream sociology. This neglect has been challenged recently by a number of theorists (e.g. MANN, 1983 and 1988). The argument is that in a world threatened with extinction by the military might of the two superpowers, and with MILITARISM today a more pervasive feature than in earlier societies, the study of warfare and the military ought to be more central. See also WARFARE, STRATEGIC THEORY.

What does it mean when you dream about the military?

To see people in military uniforms of specific branches of the armed forces may be identifying with actual life experiences and memories if one has been in the military. Otherwise, the military in a dream may indicate rigid authoritarian and disciplinary methods that are being brought to bear upon the dreamer, or upon others by the dreamer. It may also suggest extreme emotional repression. If the dreamer is in a ship on the high seas, the dream may suggest sailing through emotional issues of divorce or other personal loss, bravely and dutifully.

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He revealed that Bashir had told South Sudan's vice-president James Wani Igga that he would continue to render support to Machar until he assumes power by the force of arms and he wouldn't help in the peace process in South Sudan.
The arrested militants who were referred to the alternate military magistrate were previously arrested on charges of forming an armed organization, performing acts of terrorism, kidnapping people and terrorizing them by force of arms, and possession of unlicensed military weapons and ammunition.
It was never returned to him but he was given a certificate signed by King George VI, which read: "In the years when our country was in mortal danger Leonard Gower Butterfield gave generously of his time and powers to make himself ready for her defence by force of arms and with his life if need be.
In an address he gave Sunday after performing Eid Al-Adha prayer in Al-Kurmok town, the Blue Nile State, President Al-Bashir pointed out that Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) did not obtain south Sudan by the force of arms, but through the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), reminding with the aggression of South Sudan forces on Abyei area and the Armed Forces and their repulse by Sudan Armed Forces.
Berman, like the neocons, presumes that history must progress toward the liberal ideal--a progression that occasionally needs to be defended by force of arms.
The Bush administration's militaristic and sometime extreme response to real and perceived threats has made it a pariah in the Muslim world, where it has lost ability to exercise influence except by force of arms.
Claims that the president gave the Mongol tips on how to conquer the whole world through force of arms were quickly dismissed.
Runners-up are the Kurds who have neither desire nor intention to remain part of Iraq, and who will interpret the size of their vote as a mandate for autonomy leading to total independence - something neither we nor the US will allow as it will destablise both Iran and more importantly fellow NATO member and EU candidate Turkey, which in turn has repeatedly indicated that it is more than willing to suppress any outbreak Kurdish nationalism by force of arms.
His reforms, though long overdue, had been instituted by force of arms, setting Rome on a path toward despotism from which recovery was increasingly unlikely.
The American empire--and there can be few doubts that at this moment in history it merits this characterization--and its allies can surely demonstrate to the nations of the world a willingness to understand and accommodate those needs and not impose imperial will by force of arms.
After 30 years of fine-tuning the all-volunteer military; the Pentagon has finally gotten the perfect demographic mix, the human resources that uniformed brass and corporate civilian war planners believe will establish a New American Century in every corner of the globe by force of arms.
Nor will they accept that it is totally outdated and mischievous to persist in public demonstrations gloating over the imposition of an alien government and religion by force of arms.