Ford Foundation

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Ford Foundation,

philanthropic institution, established (1936) in Michigan by Henry FordFord, Henry,
1863–1947, American industrialist, pioneer automobile manufacturer, b. Dearborn, Mich. The Inception of the Ford Motor Company

Ford showed mechanical aptitude at an early age and left (1879) his father's farm to work as an apprentice in a Detroit
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 and his son, Edsel, for the general purpose of advancing human welfare. Until 1950 the foundation was involved in local philanthropic activities, mainly aiding the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and the Edison Institute of Dearborn. Since 1950, after receiving the bulk of the estates of Henry Ford, his wife, and Edsel, the foundation has engaged in broad philanthropic work from its New York City headquarters. It is one of the largest philanthropic trusts in the world. By 1998 it had assets of about $9.5 billion, and disbursed approximately $517 million in grants. The foundation's stated goals are to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. The Ford Foundation's involvement in controversial programs, such as its establishment (1951) of the civil rights and civil liberties oriented Fund for the Republic, drew criticism from conservatives and led to a congressional investigation. In attempting to maintain flexibility in its operations, the foundation concentrates on aiding efforts for the initial attack on problems, leaving the follow-up action to other institutions.


See D. Macdonald, The Ford Foundation (1956 repr. 1988); study by R. Magat (1979).

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Janelle Wesloh, MBA, LADC Executive Director of Recovery Management Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation grant marks the biggest single contribution up till now for the campaign and nearly arrives at the $25 million goal set for the first phase, said Estate leaders.
Before joining the Ford Foundation in 2006, Rivera was the managing attorney of the Los Angeles office of the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) and specialized in issues relating to Medicaid, managed care, and women's and children's health.
When it opened in 1967, New York Times architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable wrote that the Ford Foundation headquarters is "that rarity, a building aware of its world.
9 lakh from the Ford Foundation despite being a private company not having clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act ( FCRA).
New U was first funded by the Ford foundation in 2010 to help increase the number of diverse, innovative idea-makers by providing them a platform on which to advance ideas.
Training and qualifications for staff at the new centre will be undertaken by the Juma Al Majid organisation, as part of the agreement with the Ford Foundation.
The Ford Foundation has a long history of funding efforts to subvert national sovereignty and to foment unrest in the interest of pursuing internationalist goals in the United States and abroad.
THE FORD FOUNDATION IS PROMPTing higher ed to take on difficult subjects: prejudice, religious conflict, injustice.
Mac Chapin's article "A Challenge to Conservationists" (November/December 2004) addresses a number of issues the Ford Foundation has worked on for many years and which we consider key to our efforts to reduce poverty and injustice among indigenous and rural communities around the world.
Thanks to a $250,000 grant from the Ford Foundation, 24 institutions in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal will gain access to JSTOR's Arts & Sciences I and II journal collections.