Forest Nursery

Forest Nursery


(1) A production unit that grows planting stock (seedlings and saplings) of forest trees and shrubs.

(2) An area or place where forest seedlings are grown. There are forest, forest-improvement, and landscape nurseries. In addition, nurseries are categorized as small (up to 3 hectares [ha]), medium (3–20 ha), and large (more than 20 ha).

Temporary forest nurseries are created for one-time or repeated (up to five years) growing of planting stock. Usually part of forestry farms (leskhozy) and logging and timber distribution establishments (lespromkhozy), they occupy small areas and are located near the site where a forest is to be planted. Permanent forest nurseries, which are intended for long-term use, are independent enterprises. Level plots or plots sloping no more than 3 are selected for forest nurseries. In the forest and forest-steppe zones they have western and southwestern exposures, and in the steppe zone, western, northwestern, and northeastern exposures. In arid regions permanent forest nurseries are located near bodies of water. Closed basins and depressions and plots less than 20 m from the edge of a forest are unsuitable for forest nurseries. The soils must be coarse and sufficiently fertile.

Permanent forest nurseries consist of several sections. Valuable ornamental plants and industrial tree and shrub species are set out in the stock section. There may also be an orchard, berry patches, vineyards, and poplar and willow groves. Grafting material, cuttings, and seeds are kept in this section. Collections of new and valuable species and forms of trees and shrubs are kept in the dendrological section.


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