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(mechanical engineering)
A machine, usually powered by hydraulic means, consisting of two or more prongs which can be raised and lowered and are inserted under heavy materials or objects for hoisting and moving them.



a self-propelled lifting-transporting machine which is used for loading and unloading operations on all kinds of transportation as well as for moving loads within such areas as freight yards and construction sites.

A forklift has a hydraulic drive from the internal combustion engine to the operating equipment. The main operating part of a forklift is the forked lifter, which is moved along a vertical telescoping frame by a hydraulic cylinder mounted within the frame. The frame can be tilted forward and backward up to 15 degrees by cylinders, so that a load is put in a stable position for transport, and its unloading is facilitated. The pressure in the hydraulic system (up to several meganewtons per m2, or several dozens of kg/cm2) is developed by a hydraulic pump coupled to the engine by a transmission. The control levers of the hydraulic system are brought from the driver’s seat of the forklift to a piston-type selector valve.

The lifting fork is used when working with ponderous loads as well as with small loads in crates and cartons that have been first placed on a pallet. The set of interchangeable operating attachments for a forklift also includes a dipper, a boom, and a jaw-like gripping device. Forklifts of different load capacities (for example, 3 metric tons, 5 metric tons) are produced in the USSR.


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It reassures that it is not likely that robots will take over forklift operations and should not be a source of concern for the industry.
He added: "I started as an apprentice 40 years ago driving and repairing forklifts.
There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right forklift for any company:
Your employer will provide you with basic training on how to operate the forklift trucks and handling attachments that the company uses on its premises.
In addition, performance is not affected by uneven surfaces and difficult terrain, meaning that LPG forklifts can be used both inside and outside of the warehouse, a scenario that often presents challenges for electric powered forklift trucks.
Never make the mistake of thinking that driving a forklift is akin to driving a car.
Featuring a compact design, these three-wheel forklifts are equipped with wet disc brakes for improved performance in wet or corrosive environments, electric power steering that provides improved energy efficiencies, and an ergonomic operator compartment that helps the operator remain productive throughout the entire shift.
The planned restructuring is MHI's response to Europe's lackluster forklift market stemming from the deepening debt crisis in the eurozone and other factors.
MCFE will meet demand for engine-powered forklift trucks through imports.
By scanning location and pallet, the driver of forklift identifies where from the pallet is taken and where is placed.
The forklift models chosen are also assembled under the global charter for environmental responsibility and this covers all aspects of a vehicle's life cycle, form a waste-free production process and cleaner operation all the way through to effective end-of-service-life recycling," Du Plooy added.