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(organic chemistry)
A compound containing the HCOO‒functional group.



(or formiate), a salt or ester of formic acid. The most important ester formates are the methyl formic ester (methyl formate, HCOOCH5) and ethyl formic ester (ethyl formate, HCOOC2H3). Both are colorless liquids with a pleasant odor. The melting point of methyl formate is 31.5°C, and that of ethyl formate, 54.1°C. Both esters are commercially prepared from carbon monoxide and the corresponding alcohol. They are used as solvents and fumigants and in organic synthesis; for example, ethyl formate is used in the preparation of vitamin B1. Certain ester formates are used as aromatic substances in the manufacture of perfumes. The esters of orthoformic acid are sometimes classified as formates.

The most important salt formate is the sodium salt HCOONa, which is used in the preparation of oxalic acid.

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Glycol and formiate are used to de-ice aircraft and the authority is expected to release further information regarding the license today (18 October).
2]) Methyl Formiate (or Alkaline Resole + Methyl Formiate or Resole-[CO.
The donor hydrogen molecules commonly used are, among others, hydrazine, alcohols, aromatic hydrocarbons, limonene, cyclohexene, formic acid, formiates, phophinates and phosphinic acid.
The use of alternative de-icing salts and agents, such as calcium chloride, acetates, formiates or molasses-based organic substances is recommended.
Acetates and formiates can be applied with the aim to reduce road sliperness and as a measure of road paving deicing.
Lithuania has just started using such road manitenance products as Safecote and various formiates.