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, Portuguese Formosa, officially Republic of China, island nation (2005 est. pop. 22,894,000), 13,885 sq mi (35,961 sq km), in the Pacific Ocean, separated from the mainland of S China by the 100-mi-wide (161-km) Taiwan Strait.
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province (1991 pop. 404,367), 27,825 sq mi (72,067 sq km), N Argentina. The city of Formosa is the capital.



a province of northern Argentina, located in the Gran Chaco, between the Paraguay, Pilcomayo, and Bermejo rivers. Area, 72,000 sq km. Population, 234,000 (1970). The capital of the province is also named Formosa. Logging and cattle raising are the most important sectors of the economy. The chief crops are cotton and corn. Tannin is extracted from the quebracho tree.

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environmental law holds owners responsible for pollution coming from their land, but Formosa Exploration's parent company had sought to buffer itself by signing all mining claims over to the subsidiary.
Before Formosa Exploration went out of business, it tried extreme measures to revegetate the 76-acre site.
Kuang was president of Formosa Resources, the parent company of wholly owned subsidiary Formosa Exploration.
The steel plant is owned by Formosa Plastics Group's daughter company Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation; its annual intake of coal is estimated to be about 7.
Separately, Formosa Plastic posted aggregate revenue of NT$130.
The agreement also provides that Formosa will purchase the resulting NGL products and make product storage available to Copano for operational reliability.
Formosa Petrochemical alone lent the DRAM affiliate NT$4.
Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen is a champion for human rights and democracy," said Terri Giles, Executive Director of the Formosa Foundation.
Separately, Formosa Plastics scored sales revenue of NT$14.
FBC is the medical technology subsidiary of Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), a leading Taiwan-based conglomerate with businesses in manufacturing, health care, and medical technologies.
Taipei, July 31, 2012 (CENS) -- Amid the faltering global economy, Formosa Plastic Group's affiliates in Taiwan have geared up to upgrade their product mixes to boost profitability with higher-profit products prepared for economic turnarounds in the years to come.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Victims of the explosions and fires that ripped through the Formosa Plastics plastic resins and petrochemical manufacturing plant at Point Comfort, Texas, on October 6, 2005 filed suit in the County Court of Law, Calhoun County, Texas on December 1, 2006.