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Mg2SiO4 A whitish or yellowish, magnesium-rich variety of olivine. Also known as white olivine.



(named after the German scientist J. R. Forster, 1729–98), a mineral of the olivine group; the last member of the isomorphous forsterite series is fayalite. Forsterite has the chemical composition Mg2[SiO4] and contains 90–100 percent forsterite component. It is a rock-forming mineral of ultrabasic rocks. It also occurs in metamorphosed dolomites, marbles, and magnesianskarns.

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To this end, forsterite nanoparticles with dimensions less than 50 nm have been used in the production of desired scaffold.
The platelet shape is the phlogopite phase, and the fibrous phase contains the forsterite and leucite phases.
The reactions explaining the sequence in which talc, tremolite, diopside and forsterite appear in typical contact metamorphic environments, (Fig.
Nanostructured forsterite is a novel ceramic material which can have practical applications in orthopedic care and tissue engineering.
The crystals appear to be forsterite, a material often found in comets and in protoplanetary disks.
As long as the system remains closed, cooling of a basaltic liquid of composition X will initially produce forsterite (olivine), and then enstatite.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) managed to synthesize nanocrystalline forsterite powders widely applicable in nonflammable ceramic, laser and electronic industries.
One of these crystals is the bright green-colored gem called forsterite.
However, if forsterite (Mg-end member of olivine) is used as starting material, supplies are limited and geographically constrained.
2], forsterite compound, iron oxide is readily absorbed into the matrix to form a (Fe,Mg)O*Si[O.
Other compounds present were forsterite and periclase.
manufactures fine ceramic (Alumina, Steatite, Forsterite and Zirconia) parts, especially for high precision parts such as analytical instruments, vacuum devices and electric tubes.