Fort Lennox

Fort Lennox:

see Île-aux-NoixÎle-aux-Noix
, island, 210 acres (85 hectares), in the Richelieu River near St. Jean, S Que., Canada; site of Fort Lennox National Historic Park (est. 1921). During the French and Indian War (1759) the French built a fort there to delay the British advance on Montreal but
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At the Fort Lennox National Historic Site, activities will begin on May 22 for a season featuring the return of the Saint-Paul-de-lle-aux-Noix Nautical Festival on July 8 and 9.
Many other places and sites were passed through and talked about on the trip including: Fort Covington, Battle of Valcour Island, Mount Defiance and Independence, Skenesborough (Whitehall), Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Schuylerville, Battle of Lake George, and Fort Lennox.
Jean Lafitte NHP LA Decent amount of land for study of 19th century tactics Horseshoe Bend NMP AL Early Indian campaign victory of Andrew Jackson Battle of the Quebec 1813 Invasion of Canada, US Chateauguay defeat; limited terrain Fort George Ontario Occupied by both British and American Forces Fort Lennox Quebec Interpretive site, created as a result of War of 1812 Fort Malden Ontario Site of start of American Invasion in 1812, near Detroit Fort Joseph Ontario Near Sault St Marie, MI.

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