forward error correction

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forward error correction

[′fȯr·wərd ′er·ər kə‚rek·shən]
The location and correction of errors occurring in data communications by the receiver without retransmission of data.

Forward Error Correction

(FEC) A class of methods for controling errors in a one-way communication system. FEC sends extra information along with the data, which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data.

A CPU writing data to RAM is a kind of one-way communication - see error correcting memory and error checking and correction.

forward error correction

A communications technique that can correct bad data on the receiving end. Before transmission, the data are processed through an algorithm that adds extra bits for error correction. If the transmitted message is received in error, the correction bits are used to repair it.
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Forward error correction (FEC) techniques in cell phones are likely to offer greater roaming distances in the future.
Turbo Codes are an innovative form of forward error correction (FEC), one of the fundamental building blocks of any type of digital communications with increases in network data capacity and power efficiencies close to the theoretical "Shannon limit.
Optical amplification combined with forward error correction (FEC) enables the transport over longer distances without repeaters.
This will include efficient satellite modems equipped with higher-level modulation and advanced forward error correction that reduce satellite transmission costs.
With its embedded Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology, it can transport 10G data over longer distances without the need for repeaters.
These state-of-the-art modems have demonstrated performance of in excess of 16 MB/s and include Comtech's patented Turbo Product Code forward error correction technology.

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