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foster care,

generally, care of children on a full-time, temporary basis by persons other than their own parents. Also known as boarding-home care, foster care is intended to offer a supportive family environment to children whose natural parents cannot raise them because of the parents' physical or mental illness, the child's behavioral difficulties, or problems within the family environment, e.g., child abusechild abuse,
physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child's welfare. Physical abuse is characterized by physical injury, usually inflicted as a result of a beating or inappropriately harsh discipline.
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, alcoholismalcoholism,
disease characterized by impaired control over the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism is a serious problem worldwide; in the United States the wide availability of alcoholic beverages makes alcohol the most accessible drug, and alcoholism is the most
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, extreme poverty, or crime. Such children are usually wards of the state. They may be placed by a state-approved agency in group homes, institutions (such as residential treatment centers), or with families who receive some payment toward care. The child's parents may retain their parental rights, and the child may ultimately return home. Under permanent foster care the agency has guardianship; the child may then be available for adoptionadoption,
act by which the legal relation of parent and child is created. Adoption was recognized by Roman law but not by common law. Statutes first introduced adoption into U.S. law in the mid-19th cent.
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 by the foster parents or others. Foster care can also provide a supervised setting for adults with mental or emotional disabilities who cannot care adequately for themselves. The concept of foster care has been extended in recent years to include care for elderly persons, on a fee basis, in the homes of people who are not family members.
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The note on the Omani Paws Facebook page said, "Five orphan puppies were brought to OPR last night they are at Capital Vets for now, we need FOSTER homes for them ASAP or unfortunately we have no choice but to let them go in peace
Moody explained how the foster home squeeze overall can contribute to keeping children in psychiatric hospitals longer, which can cost $650 a day just for that child's room and board.
By using foster homes, they can be assessed in a comfortable environment, allowing them to build up their confidence while getting the Christmas they are longing for.
108 the number of complaints about foster homes - around 1 in 50
We don't have a shelter and we rely on volunteers to provide foster homes while we look for permanent homes for all our animals.
The regulations would also subject foster homes to random inspections at any time of the day or night.
In Oklahoma, there were 8,865 children in foster care in January, and only 4,669 available foster homes, says Lana Freeman, president of the state's Foster Care and Adoption Association.
Kate said: "Unfortunately the funding situation together with the lack of foster homes means that we are limited in the number of dogs we are able to help.
Restricted foster homes are usually the homes of relatives or family friends who have a significant relationship with the child.
Foster homes originated in Belgium where over 600 years ago families in Geel took people with mental illness into their homes (Carpenter, 1978; Linn, Klett, & Caffey, 1980; McCoin, 1983; Roosens, 1979).
Los Angeles County is paying up to $800,000 a month in federal penalties for not conducting timely inspections of some foster homes, the Board of Supervisors was told Tuesday.
Ronnie has been 'returned' from numerous foster homes due to her lying and stealing and her last chance is Alison, a new foster mother.