Fox, Margaret

Fox, Margaret:

see Fox sistersFox sisters,
family of American spiritualists including Margaret, 1836–93, Leah, 1814–90, and Catherine, 1841–92. In 1848, Margaret and Catherine claimed to hear mysterious rappings in their Arcadia, N.Y., home.
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Noted Quakers such as George Fox, Margaret Fell, Stephen Crisp, and Robert Barclay wrote texts about the theory of preaching.
Granted the king's central role in the staging of the autos, and the presence of Loyola's meditative techniques in the prologue to their 1677 collection (see Bruce Wardropper, Dian Fox, Margaret Greer, Barbara Kurtz), Rupp's conclusion approaches the rim of reception theory, soon superseded by arguments on the "centrality of historical study in the education of princes [which] dearly influence the political vision of his theater" (14).
George Fox, Margaret Fell, James Nayler, and other early Quaker leaders emphasized the immediate revelation of Christ to human beings, personal experience of His Second Coming, the possibility of perfection, worship based on following the leadings of the Holy Spirit rather than human tradition, and openness to the ministry and leadership of women.