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foxtail wedge, fox wedge, fox tenon

A small wedge used to secure the split end of a tenon in a mortise, the split end of a bolt in a hole, or the like, by spreading the end as the wedge is driven in.
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officers responded to Fox Tail Way for a door-to-door salesperson selling children's books.
officers responded to Fox Tail Way to confirm that two males in a pick-up truck were working with the Asian longhorned beetles program, per the request of a resident.
an officer responded to Fox Tail Way to verify that stove had been shut off.
an officer responded to Fox Tail Way for a car parked across from a house; the dogs were barking.
numerous calls from South Sewall Street, Mill Road, Dewey Avenue, Fox Tail Way and Longleaf about lights out.
Fox Tail Way, report that person with burning permit did not put fire all the way out.
Fox Tail Way, caller reported seeing a flashlight in a house.
They were met by hundreds of jeering spectators who waved fox tails and threw missiles.
Would anyone be up for tying fox tails on our vehicle antennas?
Among these are abthane, a steward; antigrope los maker, maker of waterproof leggings; bodger, a craftsman who made wooden chair-legs and spars on a lathe set up in workshops in the woods; dog whipper , a man who dealt with dogs disturbing church services, partic= ularly when fox tails were nailed to the church door as evidence of capture for bounty; pleacher, a hedge-layer; rapper man , a pits haft worker responsible for giving signals at the entrance when minders were taken down; toe-rag, a corn porter who would wrap his feet in bandages to stop them being cut on hard grains.
Even Demi Moore wears white fox tails in a scene from ``Striptease,'' reinforcing the sex appeal of animal pelts, in spite of anti-fur campaigns by groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Sonic and his three pals -- tinkering fox Tails, brutish echidna Knuckles and hammer-wielding hedgehog Amy -- are starring together in a new Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game, as well as a Cartoon Network series set for release later this year, called ''Sonic Boom.