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For instance, in the frame narrative in which Animal talks into the tape recorder, he questions the likelihood that the tapes onto which he records his story will be accurately transcribed and properly understood by his readership.
This is an interesting shift from embedded (the television news show) to frame narrative (Tom Taylor watching television).
Maria de Zayas' Broken Frame: A Brief Study of the History and Evolution of Frame Narratives.
The second text consists of the embedded novel, The Blind Assassin [1947], which contains a third-person frame narrative in the present interspersed with newspaper articles that provide something of an impersonal "historical" backdrop to Iris' narrative in the other text.
The overall effect of Page's use of the frame narrative in regard to the national and Southern center and periphery is conflicted at best.
The use of frame narrative in the Rime and its depiction of a "sadder and wiser" yet still essentially uncomprehending Wedding Guest, does fit nicely, of course, with the three "Romantic" novels.
This 'book' combines a frame narrative deriving from different branches of the Roman de Renart with authoritative citations excerpted principally from Alard de Cambrai's Livre de philosophie et morale and Brunetto Latini's Livre du tresor.
Using a frame narrative that replicates the structure of telescopic vision, Cavendish defines the boundaries of her fictional world with the telescope.
Even though employing a first-person narrative form, Handke has written not an autobiographical text but rather a story, a "Rahmenerzahlung" or frame narrative in the best old-fashioned sense.
5 Important studies of early film can be found in Holman,Cinema 1900-1906, and in Elsaesser,Early Cinema: Space Frame Narrative.
Such frame narratives were not part of the Qur'an and are without doubt wholly alien to that original ground layer (rasm) of the Qur'an sections in question" (pp.
In both examples, Cohn explains, the frame narratives question the relevance of historical narrative, though not its exemplary value.