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Frank shall have this splendid chance; and I'll lay you any wager you like he makes the best of it.
Clare; "but I think I have got a guinea about the house somewhere; and I'll lay you that guinea Frank comes back on our hands like a bad shilling.
I'll lay you five to one Frank turns up trumps in this business
Frank was praised, as a quiet, gentleman-like, interesting lad -but he was also reported to be rather slow at acquiring the rudiments of engineering science.
I asked Spider, in an off-hand way, what was eating French Frank.
But I leave it to any one--the swell of my fifteen-years-old manhood at learning that French Frank, the adventurer of fifty, the sailor of all the seas of all the world, was jealous of me-- and jealous over a girl most romantically named the Queen of the Oyster Pirates.
How dare you think, Frank, that we would have you marry for money, when youth, beauty, and every amiable virtue and excellence were to be had for love?
Frank was not very slow to follow, and Nicholas had disappeared first of all.
Why, Mr Nickleby and Mr Frank were to have been in your room for I don't know how long; and I don't know what you weren't to have told them before you came out with the truth.
These gifts Mrs Sprodgkin accepted, but still insisted on dutifully remaining in the hall, to curtsey to the Reverend Frank as he came forth.
But AS to the claim, Frank, I MUST say that I DO think you are OVER-considerate sometimes, and allow THAT to be a LITTLE abused.
Frank NEVER makes acquaintance with a new old woman, but she gets the face- ache.