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river: see GordonGordon,
river in W Tasmania, Australia, 125 mi (200 km) long. Flowing from mountains to the W coast, its main tributaries are the Franklin and Denison from the N, and Serpentine and Olga to the S. In the 1980s it was the site of controversial proposals to develop hydroelectricity.
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, river.


1 City (1990 pop. 12,907), seat of Johnson co., S central Ind., inc. 1823. It is a farm trade center. Manufactures include auto parts, aluminum doors and windows, and copper panels. Franklin College of Indiana is there. 2 City (1990 pop. 11,026), Warren co., SW Ohio, on the Great Miami River, in a farm area; inc. 1813. Paper products are manufactured in the city, which was a flourishing river port in the mid-19th cent. 3 City (1990 pop. 21,855), Milwaukee co., W central Wis., a residential suburb of Milwaukee; inc. 1956.

Franklin (Independent City), Virginia

120 Pretlow St
Franklin, VA 23851
Phone: (757) 562-8559
Fax: (757) 562-8561

In southeastern VA, southwest of Norfolk. Incorporated as a town in 1876; as a city in 1961. Annexed part of Southampton County effective December 31, 1995. Name Origin: Origin unclear: possibly for patriot and statesman Benjamin Franklin (1707-90) or for a local storekeeper named Franklin. One story has it that the name originated from the exclamation of a railroad section foreman who, upon driving a spike while working here, said, "This shall be Franklin!"

Area (sq mi):: 8.40 (land 8.35; water 0.05) Population per square mile: 1029.20
Population 2005: 8,594 State rank: 119 Population change: 2000-20005 3.00%; 1990-2000 6.10% Population 2000: 8,346 (White 45.50%; Black or African American 52.30%; Hispanic or Latino 0.60%; Asian 0.80%; Other 1.10%). Foreign born: 0.70%. Median age: 39.90
Income 2000: per capita $18,573; median household $31,687; Population below poverty level: 19.80% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $23,046-$24,646
Unemployment (2004): 5.00% Unemployment change (from 2000): 0.50% Median travel time to work: 20.90 minutes Working outside county of residence: 52.30%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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a unit of electric charge (quantity of electricity), equal to 10/c = 3.34 × 10–10 coulomb (where c is the speed of light in a vacuum, in cm/sec); it is identical in magnitude with the statcoulomb, the unit of electric charge in the cgs electrostatic system. The unit has the abbreviation Fr. In 1950 a proposal was made to introduce a unit of electric charge, named in honor of B. Franklin, as the fourth base unit in the cgs electrostatic system. This new cgs franklin system could, in conjunction with the cgs biot system, facilitate a gradual transition from use of the cgs system to use of the International System of Units (SI), which has seven base units. However, the two modified cgs systems have not gained wide acceptance.


Burdun, G. D. Edinitsy fizicheskikh velichin. Moscow, 1967.




An obsolete term for a lightning rod.


1. Aretha born 1942, US soul, pop, and gospel singer
2. Benjamin 1706--90, American statesman, scientist, and author. He helped draw up the Declaration of Independence (1776) and, as ambassador to France (1776--85), he negotiated an alliance with France and a peace settlement with Britain. As a scientist, he is noted particularly for his researches in electricity, esp his invention of the lightning conductor
3. Sir John. 1786--1847, English explorer of the Arctic: lieutenant-governor of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) (1836--43): died while on a voyage to discover the Northwest Passage
4. Rosalind. 1920--58, British x-ray crystallographer. She contributed to the discovery of the structure of DNA, before her premature death from cancer
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Franklin matriculated at Fisk University, where he encountered Professor Ted Currier who inspired him and prepared him well to study history.
Franklin is a perfect case study because he is often paraded as one of the least racist of the Founding Fathers.
Franklin eventually abandoned his fins because they were uncomfortable.
That emphasis even surprised USC coach Pete Carroll, who did plenty of research on Franklin before hiring him.
1732-1740 Franklin publishes the first Poor Richard's Almanack, a best-selling collection of proverbs and witty sayings.
While Franklin was a stalwart leader in the Civil Rights Movement, and a giant on the national scene of black activism, he could not sidestep the pitfalls of his humanity.
The Franklin government had a difficult time preventing newcomers from squatting on Indian land, and by the fall of 1787 an all-out Indian war was imminent.
Opening the ceremony, Jay Shapiro said: "Today we are celebrating the traditional topping out of Franklin High School that marks the placement of the last steel beam of the structure and kicks off the final phase of the construction process.
Franklin was a good dancer, a superb partner, but a wonderful .
At the same time, Franklin has demonstrated great sensitivity to his father's cadre of aging advisers.
Franklin also includes a useful chronology of secure dates for Rosso's activity in Italy as well as an expansive select bibliography.
The court also ordered Franklin to pay Thornton's attorney's fees and expenses.