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1. an adult female human being
2. women collectively; womankind


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Women generally represent intuition, creativity, nurturing, and love. At times they can also represent the negative attributes which are given to women and include physical and emotional weakness, gossip, martyrdom, passivity, moodiness, temptation, and guilt. The content of the dream is to be considered, as well as the emotional tone. If the dream is sexual in nature, look up sex. If the woman in your dream was a stranger and you are a man, she could be symbolic of your feminine side or your attitude about women. If you are a woman, this stranger may be symbolic of different parts of your character or personality. Carl Jung believed that the unknown woman in a man’s dream is the anima. It is the “personification of the animated psychic atmosphere; the autonomous activity of the unconscious.” Thus, when you meet an unknown woman in your dreams, pay close attention to what she is saying and doing. It is Carl Jung who suggested that women in dreams represent our collective unconscious and men collective consciousness. Thus, the woman is that force or current inside of you that nudges you on and inspires you. It is your intuition and the knowledge that in not necessarily attached to words. Men, on the other hand, represent the active part that uses the information received to create the physical reality of our lives. When the two are working together well we have balance and experience awareness that leads to peace and productivity.
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When Ferrari introduced a stunning LaFerrari model at the Geneva, Switzerland auto show this year, which will be sold to only 499 people, it too came with an elegant, glove-soft Poltrona Frau interior.
The Poltrona Frau Group has set the standard for high-quality Italian furniture.
Though Frau Gethmann had little to say directly regarding politics and nursing, she was more outspoken about her decision to forgo motherhood in favor of her career.
We are totally satisfied with the results attained so far by the joint venture -- declared Dario Rinero Poltrona Frau Group's CEO.
As I read that, I tried to decide which one--the Stasi officer who used a baby as a hostage against his mother, or the West German newsman who derided Frau Paul and other Easterners as whiners--was the bigger fucker.
And besides, the fact that Frau Lange gets a pension at all is not an act of humanity by white industrialists, but the result of a long struggle of the workers and their allies in the past.
The Blues gaffer hopped across the Channel to see Frau in action for Sochaux in the InterToto Cup.
But while she deplored Edith's decision, neither could Frau Stein repudiate her daughter.
I don't know where he is now but the owner of the guesthouse in Finkenbach, Frau Hering, is related to him.
Although much in this section seems intended more to display erudition than to illuminate the Frau im Spiegel, some pertinent ideas emerge: the heightened authority of the visual image and the observer's eye; a sharper divide between subject and object; a fixation on boundaries and hierarchies; the subjugation of nature by reason; the bounding of the body with restraints and taboos; and more official control over popular and private realms.
Finally, Poltrana Frau, the exclusive Italy-based leather furniture retailer, has leased 10,000 square feet of space at 141 Wooster Street between Prince and Houston streets for its flagship New York City location.