Fred Zinnemann

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Fred Zinnemann
BirthplaceVienna, Austria-Hungary

Zinnemann, Fred

(1907–  ) film director; born in Vienna, Austria. He arrived in Hollywood in 1929, becoming a director of short subjects in 1937. He went on to win Oscars for That Mothers Might Live (1938, short subject), From Here to Eternity (1953), and A Man for All Seasons (1966).
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We took a break with Fred Zinnemann since we've been here for an eternity.
Fred Zinnemann directed the movie from a script by Carl Foreman.
It includes a making-of documentary hosted by critic Leonard Maltin that has interviews with co-star Lloyd Bridges, director Fred Zinnemann and producer Stanley Kramer.
Originally, it was to carry the same name as the original, prompting a legal wrangle between studio bosses and The Day Of The Jackal director Fred Zinnemann, who died last March aged 89.
Spielberg's nomination was his eighth, tieing him with Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Fred Zinnemann for most DGA nominations in the feature film category.
One year later, the company cautiously approved a $2 million budget, but such prominent directors as Richard Brooks, Fred Zinnemann, Constantin Costa-Gavras, Peter Yates and Otto Preminger passed on it.
Fred Zinnemann, who directed such classics as ``High Noon'' and ``Oklahoma
Feature films directed or co-directed by Fred Zinnemann.
The same thought occurred to Fred Zinnemann, the acclaimed director who was responsible for bringing the first ``Jackal'' to the big screen.