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Vello Salo, an Estonian Roman Catholic theologian and church historian, does not doubt that the All-Union campaign to bring Free Churches together into the Union of Evangelical Christians and Baptists was started with the aim "to place the Free Churches under government control.
Ansvar will remain focused on its core business in the free churches and charity related sectors in the United Kingdom.
I APPEAL for help from one of Birmingham's Free Churches, and publicise an injustice many people are suffering in being refused permission to re-marry in the Church of England?
Governor Rod Drew, who is leading the appeal, fears the home originally founded 50 years ago by members of the city's Free Churches, will have to close if money is not raised to carry out vital improvements.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, the Rev David Coffey, Moderator of the Free Churches, and the Rev Esme Beswick of the Joint Anglo-Caribbean Council of Churches, said they had been heartened by the response to the Asian tsunami disaster.
When historians have occasionally referred to the Grindelwald Conferences, it has usually been to recognize their connection with the establishment of the National Council of Evangelical Free Churches.
The research, conducted by London-based Christian Research, was based on a survey of nearly 38,000 Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Free churches in England.
It portrays difficulties, common also to other free churches in Europe, such as working in the rocky secular soil of Western Europe--including decline in Scandinavia.
Campbell groups churches in four categories: Ancient Councils and Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Reformation and Union Churches, and Evangelical and Free Churches.
In addition, Ansvar's niche market position within the free churches and certain `not for profit' sectors, written through intermediaries, complements EIO's core strategy of expanding its activities beyond its direct client, Anglican Church portfolio.
Divorcees re-marrying MAY I be allowed to appeal for a helping hand from one of Birmingham's Free Churches and to publicise an injustice which many people in my position are suffering in being refused permission to re-marry in the Church of England?
The Archbishop of Liverpool, the Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, will be joined by Anglican Archdeacon, Bob Metcalf, and the Rev Graham Cook, Moderator of the Free Churches on Merseyside.