Free-Lance Worker

Worker, Free-Lance


according to Soviet labor law, a person who performs one-time or occasional work for an enterprise, institution, or organization or work of a strictly defined type related to the basic activities of an institution. Free-lance workers include instructors of schools and courses who are paid by the hour, leaders of amateur artistic circles, and ticket distributors in theatrical amusement enterprises.

Labor relations with free-lance workers are formalized by written agreements, contracts, schedule-orders, and other documents. The labor of the free-lance workers is paid for in accordance with the standards and rates in effect at the enterprises and institutions for similar jobs performed by regular (listed) personnel. Most free-lance workers are covered by state social insurance; labor books are made out for these workers (Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions [VTsSPS] of Sept. 6, 1973, Collected Decrees of the USSR, 1973, no. 21, art. 115), and the workers are granted annual vacations with retention of salary on the normal terms. For individual categories of free-lance workers, such as physicians providing consultation at hospitals and polyclinics and receiving an hourly salary, wages are not paid for vacation time (explanation of the State Committee on Labor and the VTsSPS of Aug. 31, 1960, Biulleten’ of the State Committee on Labor, 1960, no. 11).

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Attalla Al-Khalidy, free-lance worker, never imagined when he bought a 1998 Nissan pick-up that he would become the first to hold a world-record in the history of Jordan and perhaps even the entire region.
Not only is this incredibly unfair, but also hurtful to struggling businesses and free-lance workers such as myself whose income may be irregular or sporadic.
Larkins and his union's attorney, Beth Garfield, disputed city arguments that the city benefits mean the pay would be higher than those paid in other cities where the port pilots are free-lance workers.
In the case, Microsoft argued that the employees were free-lance workers or independent contractors, but the court relied on a 1990 decision by the IRS finding that the workers were common-law employees because they worked under close company supervision and often worked inside Microsoft's offices.
Opus360 recently commissioned a survey by Harris Interactive to measure the attitudes of free-lance workers.
5 million people work as independent contractors, consultants, or free-lance workers, accounting for 6.
Five free-lance workers will also be affected by the closure.
Provincial labor laws do not guarantee equal rights to those without a regular full-time job, which can lead to conditions "akin to slavery," the bishops said, observing that often employers avoid providing benefits by taking on free-lance workers.
West Valley Studio has a handful of permanent employees, but about 100 free-lance workers were used at the facility each day.
Fifty nine percent revealed that the company they work for has purchased services or products from free-lance workers or small businesses.