freedom of religion

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religion, freedom of:

see Constitution of the United StatesConstitution of the United States,
document embodying the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted. Drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the Constitution was signed on Sept.
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Government Spokesperson Yousef Al-Mahmoud called for a prompt international intervention to stop these Israeli measures, which he stressed, are a blatant attack on all agreements and international conventions and norms that guarantee the freedom of worship and respect the holiness of religious sites under all circumstances.
Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, grand mufti of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, condemned the closure of the Ibrahimi mosque and said such decisions violate Muslims' right for freedom of worship.
Let there be a free market of ideas as religious leaders freely discuss the pros and cons of their respective beliefs and push for freedom of worship.
While the draft "safeguards" freedom of faith, it limits freedom of worship to the "heavenly religions", i.
He said that Israel will continue to maintain the city's holy sites and freedom of worship for all.
DUBAI Christian residents here must count their blessings - including the freedom of worship in the UAE - more than their personal troubles in order to live the message of the season, said preachers in the run-up to Christmas.
Lynn received the prestigious Freedom of Worship Award from the Roosevelt Institute during a recent ceremony in Hyde Park, N.
This is an act which is against the values of the state of Israel, which places supreme importance on freedom of religion and freedom of worship," he was quoted as saying.
This is the freedom of worship that prevails in the occupied Holy Land say the many thousands of Christian followers in Palestine.
For this revival to be authentic, it can in no way question the essence of the identity of Morocco, namely Islam as a religion of the state which guarantees freedom of worship, the commandership of the faithful, the monarchical system, the national unity, the territorial integrity and the democratic choice," he said.
Along with loosening restrictions on abortion, the constitution allows for Muslim courts and limits freedom of worship, which Catholic leaders also opposed.
The characters he introduces fight at great personal risk for civil liberties, political transparency, freedom of worship, even for genuine political pluralism.