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Although Microsoft is often viewed as having a master plan to lock customers in and lock rivals out, the suite was rumoured to have been prompted in part by Lotus's plans for SmartSuite, a rival collection that was to blend the 1-2-3 spreadsheet with the Ami word processor Freelance Graphics presentations program, Approach database and cc:Mail client.
My preferred choice is to make most of my slides with Lotus Freelance Graphics.
Si necesita realizar presentaciones de sus proyectos, elaborar reportes de actividades, ilustrar una platica o conferencia para su empresa, Lotus Freelance Graphics le ofrece un gran numero de opciones para lograr los mejores resultados, invirtiendo muy poco tiempo.
The category includes Freelance Graphics, Harvard Graphics, PowerPoint and Presentations.
Mainstream presentation packages such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance Graphics or Harvard Graphics may fit well for the presenter striving for a polished look.
Lotus SmartSuite consists of a bundle which contains Freelance Graphics (a presentation program), 1-2-3 (a spreadsheet program), SmartSuite (the integrating package), Approach (a database program), Ami Pro (for word processing) and Organizer (for calendaring).
Lisa Greene is a freelance graphics designer from Long Island, New York.
Microsoft(R) Word(R) Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) Corel(R) Word Perfect(R) Quark Express(R) Freelance Graphics Viso Professional Microsoft(R) PowerPoint(R) Microsoft(R) Publisher(R) Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CorelDRAW(TM) Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) 3 & 4 Notepad Harvard Graphics Microsoft(R) Excel(R) Microsoft(R) Paint(R) Adobe(R) PageMaker(R) Lotus(R) 1-2-3 Microsoft(R) IE, 5x WordPad Netscape(R)
For most of my work, I use WordPerfect 7 along with Lotus 1-2-3 and Freelance Graphics from the SmartSuite Millennium Edition.
It seems like a miracle, but Lotus Freelance Graphics has allowed even me to be innovative.
followed by Microsoft PowerPoint and Lotus Freelance Graphics.