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city (1990 pop. 25,115), Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. A popular resort area, it developed out of a 1955 agreement between the Bahamian colonial government and a private development company to create a free port and business area. The venture was a rapid success, resulting in the additional development of resort facilities. A petroleum transshipment facility is there, as is an international airport.


1 City (1990 pop. 25,840), seat of Stephenson co., NW Ill., on the Pecatonica River; inc. 1850. It is a trade and manufacturing center in a fertile farm and dairy region. Among its manufactures are brass, aluminum, tires, and switches. Freeport was the scene of the second Lincoln-Douglas debate (1858), in which Douglas expounded his famous "Freeport doctrine." 2 Town (1990 pop. 6,905), including Freeport village, SW Maine, on Casco Bay; settled c.1700, incorporated 1789. The town is headquarters to the L. L. Bean mail-order company and the site of its flagship store and of factory-outlet stores. The Desert of Maine, a sandy, treeless wasteland and tourist attraction, is nearby. 3 Town (1990 pop. 39,894), Nassau co., SE N.Y., on the south shore of Long Island, a residential suburb of New York City; settled as a village c.1650, inc. 1892. It is a resort and a deep-sea fishing and oystering center, with access to the Atlantic Ocean through Jones Inlet. Jones Beach State Park is nearby. The town suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 4 City (1990 pop. 11,389), Brazoria co., SE Tex., on the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Brazos River, on the Intracoastal WaterwayIntracoastal Waterway,
c.3,000 mi (4,827 km) long, partly natural, partly artificial, providing sheltered passage for commercial and leisure boats along the U.S. Atlantic coast from Boston, Mass. to Key West, S Fla., and along the Gulf of Mexico coast from Apalachee Bay, NW Fla.
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; inc. 1949. The center of a thriving ranching, oil, and natural gas producing region known as Brazosport, Freeport has large chemical and shrimping industries; its products include magnesium extracted from seawater and vitamins. New port facilities were opened in 1955, and historic Velasco was annexed in 1957. Beaches and deep-sea fishing facilities attract tourists.
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Third, White & Case represented Freeport LNG in the competitively tendered auction for the cash equity investment in FLIQ2, which was won by Industry Funds Management (IFM).
Though reportedly it is against Indonesian law to make payments to individual military officers, Freeport has countered that payments to the TNI were required by the Contract of Work (CoW) that the company originally negotiated with the Indonesian government in 1967 and reaffirmed in 1991.
For the Freeport complex that will be called Plaza West, Time Equities has proposed the renovation of the former Meadowbrook Bank building in downtown Freeport.
The rebels have also protested in particular against Freeport for its massive destruction of the local culture and environment, with the complicity of the Indonesian government.
In the last 18 months, Freeport has constructed giant levees -- some as high as 10 or 12 meters (33-40 feet) -- to contain the Ajkwa's flow.
We fight against [Freeport Chief Executive Officer] Jim Bob Moffett, Freeport and the government," says a statement issued by the protesters.
What has happened has happened in the area of Freeport but not by officials of Freeport," the bishop said.
We are excited to achieve this next great milestone in the advancement of the Freeport LNG liquefaction project.
Coordinating Economic Minister Chairul Tanjung said on 28 May 2014, Freeport and Newmont have agreed to build a smelter and they have agreed to deposit certain funds for that purpose as well.
CH-IV International had previously been contracted by Freeport LNG to execute a Pre-FEED for the LNG Export Project, which included the evaluation and selection of the liquefaction technology.
A spokesperson for the Amungme, Komoro, Dani, and Moni tribes of the region addressed the Freeport CEO directly: "You and your workers live in luxury on our property.
On Christmas Day, the report alleges, the Indonesian military "and Freeport Security engaged in acts of intimidation, extracted forced confessions, shot three civilans, disappeared five villagers and arrested 13 people after [an indigenous peoples'] flag-raising ceremony.