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(1) A party to a contract of forwarding agency. In the USSR, the forwarder is a socialist organization—such as a forwarding agency, an office of automotive, railroad, or inland-water transportation, a seaport, a forwarding organization of the executive committee of a local soviet or of a consumer cooperative system, or one of several other organizations whose charters provide for forwarding.

(2) A worker in an enterprise or organization who, in accordance with a labor contract, receives goods, accompanies them in transport and delivery, or signs shipping documents.

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FMS freight forwarders are required to maintain a valid registration as an exporter through the Department of State, Directorate for Defense Trade Controls in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and be identified, in writing, by the purchasing nation as its designated freight forwarder.
Freight forwarders by revenue - Air freight forwarders by revenue and tonnage - Sea freight forwarders by revenue and TEUs
The solutions assist origination and destination freight forwarders in gaining the benefits of INTTRA's platform, along with the easy access it provides to high-quality container event shipping data.
Our new e-Platform provides an efficient and cost-effective air cargo space reservation process with a wide choice of products to a broad range of freight forwarders in Greater China region.
The system exploits web-based technology to provide data support for the physical operations and also to facilitate data exchange between freight forwarders.
Genoa is currently being used by more than 20,000 brokers, underwriters, freight forwarders and shippers on a global basis, and Wasserman anticipated the company would process more than 500,000 certificates by year end 2006.
Freight forwarders must be sponsored for a security clearance like other contractors.
It also offers an opportunity for small and medium size freight forwarders to obtain the IT capabilities of big players at minimal cost and almost immediately.
We ensure freight forwarders herein Miami and in the region that the information that Fritz shares with us is proprietary, just as the information that they share with us about their customers' time and transit needs are proprietary between us and the other freight forwarders.
This capability will enable freight forwarders to print appropriate forms after scanning the label, thereby enabling us to remove the material from frustrated status due to missing documentation.
Carriers in the following categories will qualify: common, hazardous materials, bulk fuel, shipper agents, freight forwarders, air freight forwarders, brokers, and transportation protective services.
Freight forwarders had always operated in a mode-neutral fashion.

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