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(1) A party to a contract of forwarding agency. In the USSR, the forwarder is a socialist organization—such as a forwarding agency, an office of automotive, railroad, or inland-water transportation, a seaport, a forwarding organization of the executive committee of a local soviet or of a consumer cooperative system, or one of several other organizations whose charters provide for forwarding.

(2) A worker in an enterprise or organization who, in accordance with a labor contract, receives goods, accompanies them in transport and delivery, or signs shipping documents.

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The market for digital freight forwarders alone will generate revenue opportunities for the companies participating in this ecosystem.
In an effort to ensure the best "bang for the buck," many purchasers have turned to using these commercial freight forwarders.
Dimagiba stated that the agency's Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau has listed these erring foreign and local sea freight forwarders to prevent consumers in patronizing their services.
The DTI's Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (DTIFTEB) listed these erring freight forwarders to prevent consumers from patronizing their services.
After two years preparation which will be developed in three phases, such Asia's first-of-its-kind e-platform offers one-stop air cargo booking service for freight forwarders including real-time online quotation, air cargo space reservation and cargo tracking.
I want the volume discount freight forwarders can offer me.
The voting was done by PIFFA members which includes shipping lines, freight forwarders and transportation companies.
Instead, shippers should be challenging their freight forwarders to improve overall supply chain performance by developing more cross-enterprise, integrated solutions.
Mitchell Wasserman, chief executive officer and cofounder of the company, said not only did freight forwarders previously have to use typewriters to prepare certificates of insurance on onionskin paper in triplicate, there was no control over what insuring terms were typed on the negotiable documents, presenting significant risks to insurers.
DFW provides a full range of logistic support resources including freight forwarders, customs brokers, third-party logistics companies and trucking firms.
Representatives from a trio of moving associations attended the meeting: the American Moving & Storage Association, Household Goods Freight Forwarders of America, Inc.
This capability will enable freight forwarders to print appropriate forms after scanning the label, thereby enabling us to remove the material from frustrated status due to missing documentation.

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