Frequency Deviation

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frequency deviation

[¦frē·kwən·sē ‚dē·vē′ā·shən]
The peak difference between the instantaneous frequency of a frequency-modulated wave and the carrier frequency.

Deviation, Frequency


the change of the frequency of oscillations from its average value. In frequency modulation, the maximum frequency difference is usually called the deviation frequency. The composition and values of the amplitudes of the components of the spectrum of a frequency-modulated oscillation, as well as the freedom from interference of a radio system, depend on the magnitude of the frequency deviation.

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5 Kva True Sinewave Inverter 96 Vdc/220 Vac Suitable To Work On Voltage Range 80 Volt To 114 Volt Dc Input And Nominal Output 220 Vac At 50 Hz With Maximum Plus Minus 2 Percent Frequency Deviation.
The main function of LFC loop is restoring the frequency deviation and tie line power deviation to its nominal value, when load demand occurs in any one of power system.
Baumer has utilized frequency deviation technology in the CleverLevel.
The software can also obtain data on voltage imbalance, frequency deviation and other power quality disturbances that may impact machinery or other sensitive equipment onsite.
They also introduce several new schemes using intelligent control methodologies to minimize system frequency deviation while simultaneously adjusting tie-line power to match the total generation and load demand, which is required to operate interconnected systems successfully.
Therefore, oscillatory circuit frequency deviation expressed in terms of a constant surface of electrodes and a constant distance between them, electrical conductivity of water samples analyzed:
2 Hz--maximum permissible frequency deviation from the rated value;
In contrast, designs using the ATR0881 achieve a frequency deviation of less than +/- 5% thanks to the laser diode driver's integrated frequency counter.
Radio stations used in this zone will be set to the new parameters (frequency, channel spacing, frequency deviation, CTCSS subtEn no.

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