Friedrich Christian Diez

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Diez, Friedrich Christian


Born Mar. 15, 1794, in Giessen; died May 29, 1876, in Bonn. German philologist of Romance languages; founder of the comparative study of the Romance languages; professor at the University of Bonn beginning in 1823. Diez’ major works were a grammar and an etymological dictionary of the Romance languages. He is also well known for his research in Old Provencal literature and the poetry of the troubadours.


Etymologisches Worterbuch der romanischen Sprachen, 3rd ed., parts 1–2. Bonn, 1869–70.
Grammatik der romanischen Sprachen, parts 1–3. Bonn, 1836–44.
Leben und Werke der Troubadours, 2nd ed. Amsterdam, 1965.
Die Poesie der Troubadours, 2nd ed. Leipzig, 1883.